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Prince's Music Captures Your Astrological Sign

Photograph by Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

We recently lost one of the greatest performers and artists of our time, Prince Rogers Nelson. Anyone who listens to music has a favorite Prince song that made them feel sexy, alive, and possibly even downright rebellious. Which Prince song fits your personal sun sign?


"Little Red Corvette." This song was on the 1999 album (that was released in 1983). This Prince song is for Aries because everything about it is hot, fast, fiery, and passionate.


"Diamonds and Pearls." This song is the title track to Prince and the New Power Generation, an album released in 1991. This is a perfect song for Taurus. Bulls love things that are beautiful and valuable, and the fact that these gems are symbols of love for all time fits perfectly with the romantic Taurus nature.


"Cream." Prince, a Gemini himself, once said he wrote this song while looking in the mirror, so of course this song is for the dually natured Gemini. They are brilliant, sexy, witty, and capable of whatever they put their minds to.


"I Would Die For You." This song was released in 1984 on the Purple Rain album. It is the quintessential Cancer theme song because a Cancer's love goes so deep that she will sacrifice her own life for those she loves.


"The Beautiful Ones." Released in June 1984 from the Purple Rain album, this song speaks to the power of Leo the lion, king of the jungle, beautiful, powerful, and beloved.


"Raspberry Beret." This song was released in 1985 on the Around the World in a Day album. This song is about a simple easygoing girl who nonetheless knew how to get her kicks. In the best circumstances Virgo, that describes you.


"Kiss." "Kiss" came out in 1986 on the Parade album. Libra, this is a song purely about simple seduction, the thing you are best at.


I Wanna Be Your Lover. Recorded in 1979 on the Prince album, this song is the ultimate Scorpio anthem declaring "I wanna be your brother, your mother, and your sister too." Only a Scorpio wants to be all things to her lover and gets discouraged when he says "enough."


"Thieves in the Temple." Released in 1990 on the Graffiti Bridge album, this song has religious undertones. While referencing the thieves in the temple, what is being stolen in this version is his lover by another man. Sagittarians will resonate with the double meanings, passion, and mystical themes.


"Sign o' the Times." The song was released in 1987 on an album with same title. Capricorn, the lyrics of this classic Prince song reflect on the devastation of current times. It's a pretty depressing song, but is made beautiful by the genius of Prince's artistry. Capricorn can also take something difficult and make it beautiful.


"Purple Rain." Released in 1984 on the Purple Rain album, this song's lyrics summon a deep call to worship among those who surpass the confines of human love and feel themselves move into a transcendent realm. The purple rain is the ultimate gift. Aquarians reach this crescendo.


"When Doves Cry." When Doves Cry appears on the Purple Rain album, released in 1984. The lyrics of the song bring images of violence and pain. The cold world evokes sorrow in the sacred white doves that symbolize the holy spirit, a state with which Pisces deeply resonates.

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