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Mars Retrograde Will Slow You Down

Photograph by Getty Images/Caiaimage

Every two years Mars goes retrograde and we find ourselves focused on what actions we should or should not take. This particular Mars retrograde season is taking place in Sagittarius, the sign that rules philosophy, inspiration, and travel, and Scorpio, the sign that rules sex, secrets, passion, death, and other people's money. Where these signs land in your chart will have the most profound influence in your life and require that you pay attention to what actions you should or should not take during this Mars retrograde, which lasts until the end of June 2016.


The Mars retrograde began in your eighth house, asking you to look at matters of others people money, sexuality, and other often hidden issues. You're likely to find that you're being forced to deal with very difficult financial concerns or other issues regarding what makes you feel safe and secure in the world. As Mars moves to your ninth house, questions about what inspires you and connects you to something greater than yourself will arise. These could be matters of the heart, like a love relationship, or work that you love. You need to feel something deep and meaningful in your life, and you'll soon need to make a choice to determine what that could be.


As Mars retrograde began, you were drawn to consider what you should do about a relationship or partnership of some sort. You've been asking yourself: Am I giving and getting what feels fair? As the season continues you will further question your feelings about it, and whether you're being compensated or respected for your contributions. This is a great time to get clear about your role and value in the partnership and determine to stay in your lane and do your part well.


Mars retrograde began with you asking yourself what actions would help you experience greater order in your life, and what systems would best support your work and relationships. Order seems to be your latest obsession. You have probably thrown everything away and started over and this feels good. As the retrograde continues, the same questions about order will surface in your relationships. You may feel a need to start shaking things up. Look for what inspires you in your relationships and hold steady there for as long as possible.


As Mars retrograde started, you looked at your passions around fun, children (if you have any), creative expression, and pleasure. The calls to focus on your actions in these areas were really pronounced. As it moved along, your attention moved to your health habits, routines, and the order in your life. You see that you need to make new choices about fitness in every area in your life including finances, friends, home, and work. Finally, the retrograde will bring you back to your passions in creativity, partnership, and particularly children. If you don't have children the urge is pulling you to change that now. Prepare your life.


You looked issues around your home life, and your origins (your parents, siblings, and ancestors) as Mars retrograde began. You've made choices that have changed you at your core; your way of being has shifted tremendously. These changes have inspired you and opened your life up for more pleasure, greater creative expression, and renewed interest in matters of the heart. As the retrograde continues into June, simply keep expanding your roots, getting settled, and have fun doing so.


Mars retrograde has pulled a need to communicate, tell your story, and express your feelings to the forefront of your life. If you're a writer, you feel an overwhelming need to write. If you're a public speaker, your passion for speaking is front and center. You've also been dealing with root concerns regarding your family and children, and you may have felt haunted by early childhood issues. It's as if ghosts have risen out of your history and have taken center stage. You may also be experiencing a major uprooting of your home life, and be on the move. Soon you will have greater peace, and you'll know the time is right to communicate your deepest truth. Your story will be heard.


Mars retrograde has you connecting your passion with your money. Maybe you've created a path to make money doing you love. Could it be public speaking or some form of communication that has inspired you to forward and be seen? Generally, you're happy to serve others behind the scene but something new is giving rise within you. You want to be heard and share your wisdom. Let the passion, that deep energy from within, lead you into your next incarnation. And know everyone wants to hear what you have to say.


Mars is retrograde in Scorpio, meaning your passions are running extra high. You may be feeling anxious and an inability to focus your energy. Do your best to keep lists and check them regularly to stay on task. You feel a deep pull toward action but do your best to use discretion regarding love interests and sexual connection. Your other super-power, dealing with other people's money, will also need your attention. Are you doing contract work or in a partnership that's funded by someone else? If yes, be sure you feel inspired and deeply connected to this work. If not, don't be afraid to walk away.


With Mars and Saturn both retrograde in your mansion, and your ruler, Jupiter, retrograde in Virgo, you have a lot of changes going on. You're likely getting your inner structures in order. What is the truth that you live by? What do you believe and hold sacred? How should you express this truth outwardly? What are you truly passionate about? With so many questions filtering through your mind and heart, it can be confusing. But you're not one to be daunted by difficulties. Once all of this is complete, you'll be ready for prime time.


You entered this Mars retrograde by facing the thing that most disturbs your peace: doubt. Is God real? Is there a greater power looking over you? Will your work place you among holy people? This questioning state will shake your foundation just slightly. Eventually your friendships will be the safe haven that secure you once again. Your friends will allow you to get grounded with long dialogues about esoteric ideas. When Mars take you back into the world of angels, God, and the intangible, you'll be sure of yourself. Have fun exploring.


Your experience of Mars retrograde began with your passion for your friends and all things friendly gaining momentum in your life. This retrograde will likely take you on trips with your friends, particularly old friends who have stood the test of time in your life. Even as this is happening, you'll be thinking about your career and what's next. Your friends are great sounding boards for this dialogue because they know you to your core and will happily assist you in finding your next career passion. Open up and let them see your desire and help direct you on your career path.


Searching for work that inspires you was the starting point for your Mars retrograde. You'll search high and low before you land on something that includes education. It will feel like this particular path toward your career desires was designed by God for only you. It doesn't get any better than passion and inspiration aligning in one area. Trust this, and you'll discover bliss.

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