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Gemini Power

Photograph by Getty Images

The sun has stationed itself in Gemini and that means we each have stepped into a new astrological season. Gemini energizes communication, intelligence, learning, listening, and wit. Ruled by the planet Mercury, Gemini energy is fast and absorbent. It resides in the mind and rarely applies much feeling to its intellectual conquest. When you go to a small party with friends, the person who has everyone’s ears glued to their every word while laughing and telling a fantastic story, is a Gemini or they many Gemini aspects in their birth chart. This is the season to accentuate your Gemini power. Gemini season is from May 21 or June 21, so you have an entire month to juice up your mind and feed your need to know. Gemini lands in your chart, you’ll have extra focus to share and create.


You’ll have all the energy you need this season to say everything you need to say. Your career has been a big focus for you this year and with several retrogrades happening at once, you’ve been slower on the draw than usual. The sun will light up your third house along with your desire to communicate, socialize, and learn. Follow your mind, as it will be filled with great ideas.


The Gemini power will light up your ability to communicate in areas of finance and how you generate your real-world reality. Pay close attention to what you’re telling yourself about money, the choices you’re making, and if you’re being responsible toward the achievement of your long-term goals and desires. You might also be inspired to ask for a raise, or if you’re self-employed, gain an additional contract. Just be sure all the pieces fit with your vision.


Happy birthday Gemini! It’s a great time to have the energy of the sun in your mansion. You’ll get the charge you need to gain momentum, now that Mercury’s affect is direct. Focus on yourself and what you desire to see unfold for the remainder of the year. Do what you do best, create ways to highlight your intelligence, and dazzle others with your wit and charm. It’s your time of year, the weather is heating up, and so are you.


Your mind won’t stop floating off into fantasy land these days. Rather than resist it, use that brain power to focus on what makes you feel connected to something greater than yourself. This is a great time to read a book about a spiritual leader or to take a class that will help you channel your emotions in a healthy way. Your thoughts need to be elevated at this time, in order to make you feel your best. Discover how that can happen.


The Gemini energy will call you to be with your friends, and your desire to communicate with them will be fast and furious. You might find yourself having spontaneous gatherings and helping your friends work out various challenges. You’ll be the center of their worlds for a while and this should definitely make you feel amazing. It will be a very equitable exchange of mutual support and fun.


Are you a writer, teacher, or communicator by trade? If not, you certainly might be before the Gemini season concludes. If you’ve wanted to publish a book, sell a script, or teach some type of class, this month will give you the energy needed to get out the gate. Also ruled by Mercury, you’re probably ready to do just want is needed to launch a new career using your talents for words.


You may get inspired to be of service in a way only your unique presence can offer this month, or you may feel compelled to teach a course or write a manual for something you excel at. There are myriad paths toward your desires, and all you need to do is let your inspiration lead you. You can’t go wrong when your inspired, so lean into whatever is calling to you.


Oh Scorpio this Gemini season will pass as a mental rebirth for you. What does that mean? It means many of your old ideas and ways of being no longer fit who you are becoming. You’ll expand intellectually and shed old thought patterns. Be gentle with yourself. Give yourself lots of care by doing things that are good for you like time in nature, healthy food, and deep breathing.


You may experience a strong desire to know more about your relationships and partnerships. With Saturn stationed in your mansion for many months to come, you’re creating new structures, and now your relationships are up for review. Don’t make any hasty choices. Take your time discovering your radical truth and move forward from this awareness.


This is a great opportunity for you to do your routine and annual doctor’s visits. Speak with your doctor and ask questions about diet, medications, and exercise routines. Keep it simple and lighthearted. Gemini energy is always fun, but it can be deceptive, so don’t get bogged down with “what ifs.” If you have any changes on the horizon, have a good time implementing them, and all is well.


You’ll have really big and playful ideas this month. In fact, play might be what you’re up to for the first part of this Gemini season. Just let go and have fun. Don’t over analyze anything. Set your thinking brain aside, and let your fun ideas lead you to dinner parties, out with friends, the park, and onto a jungle gym.


You’ve spent lots of time lately thinking about your living situation or something deep in your early days, (or perhaps both!). There’s a chance something deep is occurring between you and your mother that has your mind fixed on being a child. Whatever it is that is on your mind, take your time in figuring it out. Don’t be rash in any decisions and trust your higher power to lead you. It always does.

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