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Angelina Jolie Gemini Inside and Out

Photograph by FilmMagic

People born under the sign of Gemini often get a bad rap because of their dual personality. That twin aspect can have others wondering if their Gemini friend is coming or going. But if you can open to the totality of Geminis, you’ll have a great time, because these people are fun, intelligent, and have a sense of humor that will sting you without knowing you’ve been stung. Geminis make great leaders, but be aware that they can also be a bit crazy making. A great example of a Gemini is Angelina Jolie, Along with her Gemini sun, Jolie’s chart shows an Aries moon and Cancer ascendant.

Gemini Sun

It’s easy to see how Jolie’s Gemini characteristics show up in her personality. She’s highly intelligent, which is exhibited not only in her ability to act but also in her ability to push herself beyond typical boundaries. Jolie doesn’t do anything halfway—she’s an accomplished actor, humanitarian, producer, and director. And these are just what she does outside the home. Jolie is also the mother of a small tribe of children and a wife to Brad Pitt who is as active in the world as she is. The many hats Jolie wears prove her Gemini energy and the need to stay curious and evolving. As I noted earlier, Geminis also have an aspect of their personality that slides from brilliance into crazy. Jolie’s intense youthful relationships seemed to have just a little crazy sprinkled in them (but you can be sure it was well-considered crazy, because Geminis think about everything they do before they do it).

Aries Moon

The Aries moon needs to produce from within itself. This means the ideas held within Jolie’s Gemini mind must be manifested by the Aries moon in order for her to feel a sense of connection, value, and creative validity. And so an Aries moon is responsible for her need for achievement and her insistence on manifesting her vision and passions in the world.

Cancer Ascendant

Children are the answer to her Cancer Ascendant. Jolie takes parenting one step further than most—it’s not as simple as just being a mother. In addition to nurturing the children she gave birth to and those she adopted, she nurtures projects from start to finish. Her spirit is free and wild, and yet deeply caring.

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