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New Moon in Gemini and Grand Square on June 4th

Photograph by Getty Images

At the new moon, the moon is between the Earth and the sun, so that the illuminated part of the moon is facing away from us. But just because you can’t look up and see a gorgeous luminous vision in the heavens, the energy of a new moon is just as powerful as when the moon is full. What you can’t see has a way of sneaking up on you and taking you by surprise when you least expect it. This coming new moon will prove to be super-intense because it’s connected to powerful grand square—with Saturn in Sagittarian, Jupiter in Virgo, Venus in Gemini, and Neptune in Pisces. It will have us buzzing from one feeling and thought to the next. This is an amazing time to start new projects, but focus is likely to be both your greatest challenge and your best ally. What does this new moon have in store for you?


The truth seems so self-limiting that you could change your mind in an instant for a chance to escape. Your thoughts may be all over the place with the airy new moon in Gemini with Venus close by. Whatever course you’ve been on this year toward your goals, this is a great time to recommit and double down. Allow the energy of this new moon with the grand square to give you new life and the force you need to see progress.


You’ll have all the energy you need to generate momentum in reaching your financial goals. Not only is there a new moon in Gemini, which means your mind is working overtime, but your ruler, Venus, is stationed close by shining love energy in your direction. You can make money doing what you love, so waste no time worrying and just get the ball rolling toward your biggest financial dreams.


Happy birthday Gemini! This is officially your personal new year, and I bet you’re itching to get it started. You’ve probably got your list of desires written down, along with your to-do list close by. This is your time for reinvention. With Venus, the planet of love, in your house, now is a time to ask yourself what you love about yourself, what makes you feel loved, and what do you love to do. Begin anew with love and joy in your heart, Gemini. You’ll be happy you did.


Cancer, you’re being called into that dreamy place where fantasies and desires magically come true. While the Gemini new moon will land where spirituality and humanity meet, the collision is a soft one. This is a safe space for you, and Venus will make it all feel very warm and fuzzy. However you must resist the urge to get lost in dreamland. Get clear about what needs to be done, focus on your action steps, and get going.


The new moon in Gemini will give a boost to your friendships or your desire to get out and make new friends. For some reason it’s time to wipe the slate clean and infuse some new energy into your circle of pals. Be sure to accept as many invitations as your schedule can handle, and even consider hosting a friendly event for new and old friends. This is a great time with lots of energy for new buddies and with the influence of Venus, these relationships may turn into something deeper.


You’ve been feeling pulled to make some changes in your career, and this is the best time of the year to get it done. This is challenging because you’re flooded with ideas and finding it impossible to focus (which is unsettling for you, as your mind is your best tool). That said, set down and organize yourself, Virgo. Create a strategy to get your work goals out of the blocks. A Gemini new moon means new energy in your work sector (with the added bonus the influence of Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion). Now is your time to be seen, heard and heal the world.


Your brain is buzzing with so many outrageous ideas, you wonder if any of them are actually worthy of your exploration. The Gemini new moon could have you trapped in your head and unable to make a choice. And your mind is filled with destinations and your love for adventure this month. Do yourself a favor and make a choice. Just one choice will help you get the ball rolling. Don’t overanalyze your decision; allow yourself to see it through and all will be well.


Oh boy, Scorpio, this might be a good time for you to sit on your hands for a spell or so. Your mind will be digging up the deepest unhealed injuries from the past, and you’ll be tempted to take action. If you get busy, let your actions be fueled with forgiveness and compassion. It’s a good thing Venus is nearby; be sure to lean into its influence so as to be the deep loving force that you are.


Relationships seem unstable under the influence of the dualistic Gemini new moon, but this is not the time for rash decisions about love. Be aware that tough aspects of this new moon might weaken your connection with a partner if you can't tell fantasy from reality. You might feel called to act fast but that is not advisable with this grand square giving you a direct hit of new and powerful energy. If you must do something, go away for a short weekend alone and meet new people. Just have some fun!


It seems your routines may unravel and have you wondering how you got lost. The Gemini new moon will bring your attention to daily practices, health, and all that goes into creating a life that works like a well-oiled machine. Take a step back and determine if some adjustments need to be made. What do you love doing and what creates frustration? When the dust settles, throw out what’s not working and leave what does. You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel.


The Gemini new moon will bring you deeply into your mind. The work you’ve been doing to create a life you love needs this new moon energy to highlight your love of play, and your heart-centered connections. The child within you needs to be center stage or the show won’t go on. Focus on your joys, pleasure. and fun, and make them primary in your future.


The Gemini new moon energy will have you digging directly into your roots as you attempt to get your footing in your current life. With Neptune on board things may feel slightly shaky, but you can manage stormy seas like no one else. Allow your intuition to guide you as you seek to settle your home life. You can handle this, Pisces. Take baby steps, and your intuition will lead you into peaceful waters.

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