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Full Moon in Sagittarius Again

Photograph by Getty Images

Lo and behold we are having a second full moon in Sagittarius on June 21st. It’s a rare occasion to experience two consecutive full moons in the same mansion. It’s a great opportunity to look back at the last full moon on May 21st, discover what may have come up at that time, and use this second full moon to complete or bring closure to whatever issues may have arisen for you. This is a powerful occurrence, so don’t let the energy go to waste.


The energy of a second full moon can be very intense because it builds on that of the previous one. This full moon will land in your house of long journeys. Don’t be surprised if you feel somewhat antsy and unable to contain yourself. This is a great time to plan a long trip, break up your routines, and/or do something spontaneous with fire energy. Just use it in a way that works for you and not against you. Keep your temper in check and have fun in all the right ways.


This full moon may have you revisiting some deep issues that you’ve not faced in a long while. Maybe you’ve encountered some money challenges, or you want to find deeper meaning in romantic relationship. Think about where you were a month ago and be aware that whatever had your attention at that time is still on the horizon. Sex, money, and desire will be illuminated during this time, and you’ll see it with greater clarity the second time around.


As you entered your birth month during last month’s full moon, your energy went directly to your relationships. You’ve been out and about for the entire month being loved and adored, as it should be. No one can play like a Gemini, and that means your responsibilities may have been placed on the back burner. Have fun as the month ends and begin to refocus your energy on what’s next for you.


Your routines have likely taken a hit between last month’s full moon and this one. You may be struggling to get things in order or back to some level of normalcy. Do your best to create a plan and follow through, and you’ll see yourself fall into a new rhythm that supports your daily routines.


The full moon energy will trigger a deep desire to express yourself, however it’s highly likely you’re busy with work and the demands of being a boss. Don’t let this get you down as you also know how important self-expression is for your sanity. At the very least, pull out the calendar and set some time aside for your next creative adventure.


Your mind is filled with thoughts of your roots or your current living environment. A move might be highly desired, but it’s not the time just yet. Consider getting clear about your ideal living situation before you take any actions. Once you can see your vision clearly and it feels good, you may begin taking steps toward bringing it into reality.


The full moon falls in your house of communication, and this means you’ll have a lot of ideas. You use a laid back approach to communicating but not everyone is on the same wavelength as you. Excitement is in the air for most so don’t get rattled by the enthusiasm of those you are sharing ideas with. Your calm and cool demeanor will soon settle any energy that runs too high.


Now is the best time for you to reevaluate your financial commitments and decide what must go and what can stay. It’s important that you have a sense of security. As within so without, meaning if your finances are in order your mind is clear and happy, and visa versa. Take the time to get things organized before taking on more responsibilities.


You are certainly under reconstruction with a second full moon, both Saturn and Mars in your mansion. All of this energy might make you feel like you need to pick a fight. Be mindful of your language, your choice of words, and your timing. Just because you feel a certain way about life or a particular situation doesn’t mean you should share it, at least not in the next few days. Mindfulness is the key.


Your creative juices are flowing, and the full moon energy is driving your desire to express yourself from a deeper space within you. Are you searching for meaning in life, love, and purpose? Have you been questioning what you deem valuable and what is not? Let your heart lead you and trust you can share your feelings and beliefs with those closest to you. You will be received well.


This is a perfect full moon for you to ramp up your social networking. You’ve been on a mission to align yourself with meaningful work or volunteer opportunities, and this full moon will highlight your prospects. You are very close and before you know it, you’ll be leading events for a nonprofit or social group.


Your destiny is illuminated under the light of this full moon. You don’t take this lightly, even though you flow pretty easily with whatever is being offered. But your future is something that deserves consideration as you move forward in more meaningful ways. Be sure you’re certain you feel aligned within your heart and life. Otherwise you’ll be like a fish out of water, and that’s not an option for you.

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