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Beyoncé, Embodiment of Jupiter in Virgo

Photograph by GC Images

Jupiter has been in Virgo since August 12, 2015, and as a result, our lives are being cleaned and organized from the inside out. Virgo is the sign of healing, order, service, and perfectionism. The moment Jupiter entered Virgo, all the energy of this mansion expanded. Jupiter makes everything larger. It’s been known as the planet of luck but that is only true if you are in a positive place—if your life is filled with struggle Jupiter will expand that too. As a Virgo born September 4, Beyoncé provides a good demonstration of Jupiter in Virgo. This past year her star has shot through the sky.

Virgo the Healer

Virgo is the astrological sign that focuses on healing and well being in the tradition of a goddess or earth mother. In Beyoncé’s latest music video, she uses the issue of infidelity as the ailment to be healed. She shares the intimate details of emotions; the pain and anger of being deceived. In the process, she emerges from the ashes having taken inventory of herself, her family of origin, and her partner, and finally she is healed and able to love unconditionally. Virgo in Jupiter gives Beyoncé the expanded courage to tell a story that is both universal and deeply personal. Every woman of every age can connect with this personal evolutionary tale.

Virgo the Builder

Virgo’s gift is creating order, building systems that help keep the daily rhythm flowing. Beyoncé’s latest tour, “Formation,” is a global request to women to create order and systems designed to help us in stepping into our innate power.

Virgo the Servant

At its very core, Virgo is a sign of service. The mission of Virgo is to not just heal herself but to heal all that she encounters. Therefore she is not frivolous with her time or energy. Everything she does is done with meaning and purpose. Beyoncé’s latest effort pointedly sends a message that will inspire masses of women to find their own unique journey of healing and unconditional love.

Virgo the Martyr

Virgo has a martyr-esque quality, and Beyoncé is willing to do the work and take the fire that others will not take. She sees herself as indestructible and capable of recovering from where most might meet defeat. Jupiter expands this selfless energy, driving Beyoncé to bring attention to police injustice on behalf of the mothers of several slain African America boys. She fearlessly addresses this issue, and is wiling to sacrifice herself for the sake of the message and a movement.

Virgo the Perfectionist

As Beyoncé travels the world with her Formation tour and her latest release, Lemonade, she demonstrates that her work ethic and dedication to her craft are unstoppable. Jupiter in Virgo generates the energy to create a perfect experience each and every time. Her concert is organized to perfection, including a THX sound system, a stage that fills with water during her final song, and a colossal white prism through which Beyoncé’s image grows to meet the thousands of stadium attendees. The entire album, video, and tour are an example of Virgo perfection at its finest.

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