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Father’s Day Gift for His Astrology

Photograph by Getty Images/Caiaimage

It’s that time of year again and you’re wondering, searching high and low for the perfect gift for dad. In past years you’ve given him gifts that you thought would make him feel special but most time he showed forth a good spirit, because he loves your effort, that you think of him and take the time to pick something you believe he’ll enjoy. But this year let your gift giving be a little deeper. Consider giving him a gift based on his astrology. Here’s the thing, it may not be what you would have chosen for him, but it would be what he would have picked for himself. Picking a gift by astrological sign will speak to dads innermost connection and he’s be surprised and happy you took risk.


These dads need to be active more often than not. If you want to give your dad he’ll appreciate and may have even considered getting it for himself, considering get him sports lessons of some type. An Aries dad will love learning something new that requires he get out of the house for a dedicated period of time. Tennis, dancing or even bowling would get his juices flowing.


A Gemini dad has some specialty or novelty interest that he loves to share with everyone. Maybe studies family genealogy or astronomy, whatever gets his mind binding in one direction or another is the best gift for him. Geminis consume information and for years you’ve listened to dad go on and on about it. I know you don’t have any interest in this topic but he’ll be thrilled you see him and cared enough to purchase something to plug his curiosity into.


The Taurus dad might seem pretty uninterested in most things, but his weak spot is food for certain. To make your Taurus dad feel really special consider preparing a huge Father’s Day dinner for him and the entire family. Prepare all of dads favorite dishes, play his favorite songs all day and once everyone has been fed, watch dads favorite movie together as a family.


Cancer dads often have lots of emotions going on beneath the surface but rarely share out loud their innermost feelings. Of course you’ll want to get dad a gift, say tickets to a concert. But what’s he’ll appreciate most his hearing how you feel about him. A Cancer dad would love if you write a narrative about your life and how impactful he has been to you. He cares about nothing as much as your well-being a knowing how you feel about him will be the best gift ever.


A Leo dad needs to be the center of attention for the entire day. Be sure that he isn’t required to do any heavy lifting for anyone else. Let him be King for the day just like a lion desires to be. A Leo dad would love to spend the day with the entire family seeing a movie eating at a high end restaurant and talking about all the things he loves most.


A Virgo dad will love a practical gift, something he can use day in and out, something that makes his life easier. There’s a good chance a Virgo dad is into fitness so you might pay his gym membership for several months or purchase new running shoes or clothing for him. Practical needs and healthy choices will make his world a better place in nearly every way.


The Libra dad would enjoy spending a night out on the town with his significant other. He delights at the joy his partner brings him. If you’d like to give a Libra dad the perfect gift, let it include romance. A Libra dad would to spend Father’s Day, like he spent Valentine’s Day. The difference is he didn’t make any plan or reservations. He gets to just show up.


A Scorpio dad would appreciate seeing a very interesting exhibit at the museum. Scorpio’s are deep thinkers and enjoy the process of learning new things that may have never come from day to day living. If you can find a cool exhibit for dad to engage his mind in, you’ll hit the jack pot. After the event, the family can grab dinner in his honor.


A Sagittarian dad needs to be out doors with his family playing basketball, football or something where the entire family can run, jump and get active. He wants to engage with his children and wife by feeling inspired and on top of the world. No sitting around for this guy, at least not all day.


The best way to spend time with a Capricorn dad is to take him out of town on a short weekend excursion. If you want dad to stop working for enough time to be celebrated, you’ll have to kidnap him and be sure his computer and phone are shut down for a couple of hours. A weekend away with the family will help him recharge and feel centered once again.


An Aquarian dad loves knowing how his family is excelling in the areas of life they care about most. He wants to hear that you are working hard, having fun and reaching your dreams. It would be a great idea if everyone in the family wrote a letter sharing their successes and how dad contributed. To top it off, a family portrait would be the cheery on top.


A Pisces dad enjoys creative expression nearly as much as he enjoys his family. In honor of dad’s passion, it might be really fun to purchase ten of his favorite films for a new collection. Each year you could add dads favorite film of the year.

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