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Meryl Streep’s Best Role

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Cancer is the zodiac sign ruled by the moon. The moon is in chare of our emotions and what we can’t live without. Cancer begins on the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, and it always kicks off summer in the western hemisphere. As the mother of the zodiac, it is the nurturer and the life giver. If ever there were one important zodiac sign, it would be Cancer because no one can live without love and nurturing and well, that is Cancer’s reason for being.

Meryl Streep is a Cancer, born June 22. Her chart is filled full with Cancer light as she was born in the very early degrees of the sign. She was born during the time of year when everyone is happy and looking forward to summer and outdoor events. Cancers tend to be deeply emotional, intuitive, protective, nurturing, and moody. If these qualities sound like those of a mom, it’s no surprise—Streep has four children and openly says that being a mother is one of her greatest accomplishments. We know that Streep is a nurturer, as you don’t become the best living actress without nurturing your talent and your dreams.

Meryl Streep has the sun in Cancer and her moon is in Taurus, while her ascendant is Leo. Let’s check out why she’s such a star and how you might use the Cancer energy to nurture your stardom.

Sun in Cancer

Streep has four children that she’s given her love and attention to along with the love she gives to her talents and work as an actress. The reason that Streep is called the best living actress of our time (she’s been nominated for nineteen academy awards) is that she works like a mother. This means she never stops working either for herself or her family. For Streep there are two reasons for living and they’re giving life to her children and giving life to her characters. Everything else is extraneous.

Moon in Taurus

Streep’s moon in Taurus means she’s steady and happy on the home front. Home is her base and much of her life is spent there. It’s likely her home is decorated in a style that exudes comfort and pleasure. Food is another great pleasure of hers and there’s a high chance that lots of meals are prepared in her home for and by her and her family. Food is love for the Taurus moon, and the Cancer sun agrees.

Leo Ascendant

Streep’s Leo ascendant means she has a great deal of confidence. She is easily able to command the attention of everyone in a room at her desire. People with Leo ascendant also have a very dignified look. Streep’s astrological chart largely set her up to be a star.

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