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The New Moon in Cancer

Photograph by Getty Images

The new moon will be in Cancer this month and this means there will be lots of emotional energy to start any new project that you put your mind and heart into. The best part about the Cancer new moon is the nurturing mother energy that it gives to all it encounters. Let’s look at what you’ll want to focus on during the new moon in Cancer.


The new moon in Cancer will fill your home sector up with energy. You’ll be able to start a home project at this time and let the energy fuel you through the summer. Are you planning a big home organization or are you thinking about redecorating? If the answer is yes, you’ll feel like the heavens have opened up for you. Don’t waste time and let the new moon Cancer energy help you get out of the gates and win.

Intention: I am open and receptive to a new living environment and changes that are occurring. Everything unfolds with grace and ease.


The Cancer new moon will land in your communication sector. This means there you’ll have all the courage and clarity you need to say what hasn’t been said up till now. Get clear, write your thoughts down, even practice in the mirror, if need be. When you feel good and confident say what you need to say.

Intention: I easily speak my truth with love and respect for everyone involved.


After a long birthday month, it’s likely time that you get refocused on your finances. If you splurged last month, now you’ll have a chance to make a recovery. You won’t need to do much but be willing to see the damage and make a plan to stop the bleeding. The new moon in Cancer’s energy will help you nurture your finances back to health.

Intention: I easily and joyfully create new streams of wealth and security for my present and my future.


This is your new moon, Cancer. What a powerful time to have your ruler in your mansion while the sun is there too. Get all the energy you need for your year ahead. Give yourself the best you’ve got and allow others to nurture you as well. Set clear goals where you see yourself in a position of joy and happiness. Don’t shoot too low Cancer, the moon is the limit.

Intention: I see and feel myself living my dreams and having the life I absolutely desire and deserve.


The Cancer new moon is full in your sector of spirituality and creativity. (They really are one in the same in case you didn’t know.) This new moon will help you connect more deeply to yourself. Take time to look within and discover how you really feel about life, your purpose, and your creative calling.

Intention: I am open to see myself more clearly. With an open heart I see and love myself and choose to express my gifts with joy.


You’ve been working really hard lately and there’s a chance your friendships have been neglected. Winter and spring can be that way sometimes, but now summer is here and your friends want your attention. The new moon in Cancer will make it a reciprocal desire, meaning you’ll be needing time and energy from your friends as well.

Intention: I am grateful and appreciative of all the wonderful people who share their lives with me.


Are there changes happening in you’re a career? You’ve probably sensed some changes coming down the pipeline for a while now. Maybe a contract is ending and that means you’ll need to start building new relationships. The opposite could also be true and you’ll need to manage your time more effectively. The new moon in Cancer will fill your career sector with new energy for new possibilities.

Intention: I see myself thriving and happy at work and in business. I am a great leader and skilled at everything I do.


Now that summer is here you have permission to go on a long excursion. (You’ve been planning it privately the way only a Scorpio can.) The new moon in Cancer will charge your desire to take flight somewhere fun, private, (and soon!). Do you and be unapologetic about it.

Intention: I allow myself to take a great adventure and experience the energy of joy from deep within.


You are in need of deep self-care and nurturing in ways that only you are aware of. What have you neglected lately? What is near and dear to you that you’ve set aside, promising to get to it in when time allowed? You know exactly what it is. The new moon in Cancer will give you energy to go deep into yourself and nurture that part of you that is depleted back from the dead.

Intention: I give myself all I need to feel nourished inside and out.


The new moon falls in your relationships sector, breathing new power into your ability to relate deeply with others. With Pluto in your house, you’ve been digging down to create new foundations and this can include your relationships as well. Nurture and care for what you desire to grow, and it will.

Intention: I use the energy of this new moon to give new life into my relationships.


The new moon in Cancer will infuse you with an undeniable desire to be of service. Don’t fight the feeling. Give forth from your abundance and everyone, including you, will be happy you did.

Intention: I give from my heart and serve those who can benefit from what I’m offering.


Let your light shine Pisces. The new moon in Cancer is giving you what is needed for you to get out and be seen. Let your creative expression shine. Nurture it more than ever now under this new moon because it will surely bloom. You can only win.

Intention: I allow my creative expression to flow. All that I share moves and transforms those who I encounter.

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