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Full Moon in Capricorn Removes Blocks to Inspiration

Photograph by Getty Images/Hero Images

The Full Moon has landed in Capricorn which is the zodiac sign for building structures and foundations. Pluto is currently in Capricorn, bringing up all that we fear. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which is currently on tour in Sagittarius. Saturn in Sagittarius ask that we consider what we believe, what are our philosophies for living and what inspires us. The Full Moon in Capricorn means we can face our fear and discover what is blocking our inspiration. This moon gives what we need in order to let go of old philosophies which no longer serve us or are destructive in some ways. What is blocking your inspiration? What fears are in your path? Now is the time to release them.


It’s time you have breakthrough with your career but not before you clear and release what is blocking you. You might have fears around truly following your passion and purpose. You feel something deep within you calling you start your own business or maybe invest in an industry that seems risky. The Capricorn Full Moon gives you all the power you need to excavate your fears, neutralize them and move forward. The best way to clear fear is by taking action regardless of what you feel.


You’ll have all the energy and power you need to undo old beliefs that no longer serve you and your progress in life. However, you won’t be able to do this without facing your fear of change. Taurus can be very stubborn and inflexible. Your life may be stuck and you’ll swear that your beliefs are true. The test is seeing if you are really happy, genuinely happy with how your life currently exist. If the true answer is no, you need to change something. You can release old ideas if you choose. The result will be progress in ways you’ve never considered.


This Capricorn Full Moon will place you front and center with your deepest fears, but you won’t be there alone Gemini. Gemini you’re never alone as the twin aspect helps you see several perspectives of every issue, even if those issues are your fears. It’s time for you to dig deep into your behavior about sex, money and death. Take a look within and discover how you use your passions, where are you directing this life force energy? I bet something unsavory is within your mind and you’re ready to release it and find new inspirations for your passion.


Your fears associated with relationships are blocking your true power and inspiration needed to be what you really desire. But don’t fret, the Sun has been blasting and burning away what no longer serves you and now the Full Moon in Capricorn will help you go deep within your shell and to the heart of the matter. What is blocking you from being inspired in your partnership? Don’t look to your partner, look within, deep within and you’ll find the path.


You’ve been doing things a certain way for a very long period of time. Your daily routine and health practices have worked very well but recently things are coming undone. You’ve been holding on because you don’t want to make any changes. You’re comfortable. Sorry! It’s time to face your fears, see what’s blocking you and stop making excuses. It’s simple, but you have to find your courage and go for it.


All fun and no play makes a girl so boring and unhappy ultimately. You lean toward the serious side and it’s you find deep pleasure in the mundane. You can easily spend an entire day cleaning and organizing. But this Full Moon in Capricorn is asking you to find your child spirit. What feels like freedom and playfulness to you? If it scares you a little, then you’re on the right track. It’s time to shake it up and have some real fun dear Virgo. Not your brand of fun but something silly and genuinely playful.


It’s not always easy for you make a decision, a choice which may turn out to be wrong or not. This Full Moon lands in your home sector, maybe even your early childhood home. What is hunting you from your childhood? What childhood experience formed beliefs that you’ve been fearful to confront. It’s time to uncover that deep secret and go beyond what you’ve believed about yourself and your family. Forgiveness will help you release and move forward.


Oh dear secret keeping Scorpio, this Full Moon will pull you to speak your truth. It’s a deep truth long held and hidden in your heart and mind. This hidden truth is blocking you from your true inspiration. You cannot block it any longer. If you desire to move forward it’s time to sing your song and be set free.


Inspiration is never far from your mind and heart but lately Saturn’s staycation is your house has made it pretty difficult. You’ve struggled to find your footing because your deepest beliefs are coming undone. Well this Full Moon in Capricorn will demand that you face your financial blocks or beliefs around money and comfort. It’s time you create new inspiration with regards to money. You can do it because Saturn will help you get clear and free.


You’ve been under deep reconstruction with Pluto shaking up in your house. You’ve gone head first into the most difficult issues in your life. And still there’s more. I know it’s hard to believe but you of all the zodiac signs can face your fears and go deeper into your soul. Something inspiring awaits you there. Trust.


You’ve been struggling to find your inspiration of late. With Pluto in your house of consciousness and spirituality. It’s possible to get lost here but there’s no need for that. What inspires you? Think of your art and creative passions when considering your fears and how they may stop you. You may fear how those you love will be impacted by your changes. Trust that what is good for you is good for everyone you love.


The Full Moon in Capricorn will give you an opportunity to discover which friendships are for your good and which ones need to shift. Now shifting friendships can be darn scary because friendships are very core to your happiness. However, you can look within your heart and know what and who needs to stay and who needs to shift out. Every season must end.

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