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The Moon Shines Light on Your Passion

Photograph by Getty Images

We experience the moon in ways seen and unseen. And while we may not understand how the moon is impacting us, we very much feel its power and pull of the moon—the moon rules our emotions and influences what we think we need in order to feel happy and whole.

The moon’s energy affects all the water on the planet, and water is the symbol for emotion. As 70 percent of the human body is made up of water, we are therefore heavily influenced by the moon and her movements. We see this in women quite directly in the way the moon, like women’s fertility cycles, moves on a twenty-eight-day cycle. Accordingly, the moon is tied to motherhood and our ability to conceive. The moon rules Cancer, the zodiac sign of nurture, motherhood, home, and being deeply inward.

How you relate to your mother and your children, what feeds and nurtures you, and how you provide nurturing to others are dependent on where the moon is in your chart. The moon placement also determines what you need in order to feel whole and protected.

The moon placement will have a huge impact in all of your close relationships because it will direct your and your partner’s emotional needs. Your moon placement influences whether you need lots of physical affection or long talks. You may need to feel seen by your partner, you may need something more nuanced, and your partner may time alone to do his or her own thing. All of this directed by the energy of the moon; it is a key to success in your interpersonal life.

Another beautiful and valuable aspect of your moon placement is that it determines what you are really good at -- the thing you do most naturally and effortlessly because you’ve nurtured it in some way from the beginning of your life. It’s likely that you are so comfortable with this ability that you don’t even see it as an asset; for the gift that it is. For instance, those with a moon in Gemini are great conversationalists. They are curious children, listening to everything the teacher says, because they need to know. They live for information. This makes them excellence research specialists as adults because they can seek out information like a bloodhound. Your moon placement will lead you to your gifts and talents because it is the energy you need to express at the core of yourself.

A final note about the moon placement is that it is easily accessed by women because the moon is feminine energy. This is not to say that men can’t tap into the power of the moon, but it can take them a good deal of effort.

You’ll be well served to identify your moon placement because it will ultimately direct what you need to feel nurtured and true to yourself.

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