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The Sun Is Lighting Up Cancer

Photograph by Getty Images

The Sun has arrived in Cancer. Cancer, ruled by the moon, is a Cardinal water sign that ushers in summer. Yes, that’s right summer is here, and Cancer is the gatekeeper. A Cancer sun means it’s time to focus on children, what brings us joy, and what makes us happiest. The sun in Cancer means it’s time to play because the mother energy will make us feel safe, nurtured, and profoundly cared for. What’s in store for your Cancer sun energy?


The Cancer sun will light up matters of the home and if you are truly feeling happy and satisfied there. If you’ve been thinking of making changes, this is the time to do so. You should feel lots of light, warm energy from the sun in this sector of your life, meaning you can’t go wrong with changes you make to you where you live. This is even a good time to move if you’ve been considering that as well.


The Cancer sun will give you more than enough energy to support all your communication desires. You’ll have the sun here for an entire month, so now’s the time to say everything you’ve been holding back and waiting patiently to address. Don’t let this window of opportunity pass you by.


You’ll be happy to know your money woes are drying up this month. However, that will require that you take account of how you’ve been spending and planning to spend your money. This means balancing your checkbook and reconsidering that big-ticket purchase you’ve been planning. Unless everything is in order, you may need to plan a little more.


Happy birthday Cancer! You are the zodiac sign that ushers in our favorite time of the year. You are warmth, happiness, and childhood memories. This is a time for you to love and nurture yourself. It’s time you celebrate and allow others to celebrate you for not only your birthday, but also for all you do to make others happy. Have fun.


This month’s Cancer sun will have you taking inventory of your consciousness. You may even feel like your inner world is crumbling a bit, because you’ll see the need to change some unhealthy behaviors that can no longer be contained. Do not fret. Be sure to give yourself self-care and love, meaning nurture yourself as much as possible.


You’ll be the life of the party this month as the Cancer sun will bring energy and light into your friendships. You’ll have to take a moment and stop working in order to enjoy the summer festivities awaiting you. Do that!


Your self-expression will be front and center, Libra, particularly as to how you make your money, the work you do, and the work you’d love to do. Let this month help you get clear about if your work is nurturing your passions or whether you need to make some changes. If things are in line already, full steam ahead—otherwise adjust what isn’t working.


Now that summer is here, you may be going on a long journey or feel inspired to do so. This is a great time to use a trip to lift your spirits and get some fresh air. You deserve it, and you need it. With your ruler Pluto in Capricorn, you’ve been feeling the heaviness of the earth upon you. Give yourself a reprieve, you’ll be happy you did.


You’ve not been able to catch a break lately, with Saturn in your house rebuilding structures, and your ruler in Virgo focused on discernment, order, and health. None of this is as fun as you’d like. The Cancer sun won’t lighten the load, but it’s fine because you’ve in the midst of the heavy lifting. This sun will help you go deep into the shadow territory. This is good for your philosophical mind. Just remember to breathe.


Now would be the time to uncover deep and unseen issues in your relationships, particularly home relationships or close partnerships. Is there something that needs attention that has gone unaddressed for quite some time now? If you know what it is, don’t wait for next time. Even if it’s scary, talk about it. The discussion will help you create a better tomorrow.


If you’re look for another way to be of service, you’ll have plenty of opportunities this month with the sun in Cancer. As a matter of fact, if you have children or grandkids you’ll be first on the list when help is needed. It’s a good thing you love to help, but be sure you don’t put yourself aside to care for others.


What a wonderful month you have in store. The energy is all about play, imagination, drama, and fun. The best part is it’s focused on your heart and creativity. Don’t hold back this month Pisces because there is nothing stopping you from fantasizing that you’re a child playing, swinging and letting the wind blow through your hair. Just play; this will nurture you.

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