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Mercury Is Your Communications Manager

Photograph by Getty Images

We all know about Mercury—several times a year Mercury goes retrograde and everyone loses his or her footing. All of a sudden communication becomes difficult, contracts fall apart, and what we say gets misinterpreted. Mercury is the messenger planet, helping us formulate ideas, collect data, tell stories, talk, negotiate, and gather facts. Mercurial energy makes the world go ’round and without it our basic communication functions would not exist.

Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo. Those born under these signs are governed by the mind, and they’re usually organized thinkers and skilled communicators. They also tend to have a great deal of wit—they’re masters of repartee and the snappy comeback. The benefit you receive from Mercury’s influence will depend on its placement in your chart. For some, Mercury’s position will have their minds working like computers, allowing them to gather and retain lots of facts and information. For some, it will have them able to engage very easily in intellectual conversations; they will give the impression of being sophisticated and astute. Mercury’s placement will also determine someone’s ability to learn, whether he or she is an independent thinker, and if he or she is easily led by others. If you were a child who always came up with wild schemes or fun games for the other children to play, or you were the child who often suggested things to do with your friends, you can be certain that you have a strong Mercury placement in your chart.

People with a heavy Mercury influence in their chart also love to talk. They can go and on discussing many topics, seemingly without ever taking a breath. These are the children who can’t seem to be quiet in class, or the children who just talk incessantly about their day while their parents and siblings are wondering when will it stop.

People who are ruled by Mercury are often writers, teachers, or public speakers. These people have lots to say, as their minds are always moving and creating stories of some sort.

As Mercury rules communication, it also rules communication gadgets, such as phones, computers, and various forms of technology that allow people to express and share ideas. If you can create it in your mind, Mercury is the energy that will help you bring it to life.

With our perpetual attention to social media, blogs, and texts, Mercury has been working overtime in recent years. And when Mercury goes retrograde, it’s not uncommon to witness an increase of miscommunications. This is due to Mercurial energy being turned within—we need to think twice about words, but we often don’t make that effort. Just imagine living without your messenger handy at any moment today. We’d all be lost without our phones. All praises to Mercury.

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