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Jupiter Is Your Lucky Charm

Photograph by Getty Images/Westend61

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, is known as the bringer of luck and blessings. It moves each year from one zodiac house to another, taking twelve years to return to each sun sign. Your Jupiter return occurs when Jupiter visits your sun sign; it is seen as a year of expansion and blessings. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, giving those born under that sign the God-like, all knowing, philosophical air they possess. In 2016, Jupiter is in the sign of Virgo until August and then moves to Libra until August of 2017.

Wherever Jupiter lands in your chart is the place you are likely to have the most expansive energy and luck. Jupiter is linked with all things that encourage you to seek knowledge, grow, and broaden your horizons. For instance, if you have Jupiter in the same house of your sun sign, you will likely spend a lifetime seeking to know yourself and develop your understanding of what makes you tick. It’s highly likely that you’ll also have great gifts in helping others find deeper meanings within themselves as well. You will also have a shining personality that attracts people to you, with Jupiter sharing the same placement as the sun in one’s chart, your personality will be larger than life.

On the other hand, if Jupiter shares the same placement as your moon sign, the energy of Jupiter and the moon will expand your emotions in a very deep way, giving you strong feelings and a profound capacity to tune into what others are feeling. The key to Jupiter’s placement is that it makes its particular effect larger than life.

The most significant thing to know about Jupiter is where it lands in your chart each year. This information will help you use this energy expansively. If Jupiter is in your second house, this will give you financial luck and blessings for an entire year. If Jupiter is in your seventh house, this is a great time to get married or strengthen existing one-on-one relationships. If Jupiter is in your first house, the focus is all on you and your dreams and desires. And if Jupiter lands in your sixth house, this is time to work on your health and service to others.

Each year Jupiter travels, bringing its amazing gifts and blessings to a new sign of the zodiac. Knowing how Jupiter is energizing your life puts you in the driver’s seat and going where you desire to go rather than being driven at random.

For the most part the experience of Jupiter energy is generally pleasurable but there can be a downside to it as well. Jupiter energy can make us excessive and neurotic. For instance, someone with Jupiter in the sixth house of health and work, may be a hypochondriac or a workaholic. Jupiter doesn’t offer balance, so it will take a very conscious and self-aware person to manage the energy of Jupiter, however it presents itself in his or her life.

Finally, Jupiter is the planet that determines our philosophy of life and how we view the world. It plays a huge part in our outlook on life in nearly every way. By finding out where Jupiter sits in your chart, you can make great progress both in your material and your spiritual world.

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