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Why Pluto Scares Us

Photograph by Getty Images/Canopy

After being demoted few years ago, Pluto was recently promoted back to planet status. (I don’t know about you, but this makes me inexplicably happy.) Pluto is the planet that rules Scorpio, and it thus controls things having to do with sex, death, the occult, and other people’s money. Pluto often frightens us because it’s the energy that leads us to learn what lies beneath the surface. In mythology Pluto is the god of the underworld, living and walking with the dead. Pluto transforms everything it touches because it brings the cycle of life and death to all. Pluto is the creative force at the deepest level of our subconscious pushing us into death and rebirth as it moves slowly through our charts. It does not consider individuals; it kills what needs to die in order to maintain the transformations needed for the whole.

As it presides over the cycles of life and death, transformation is the true gift of Pluto. It takes Pluto nearly two hundred fifty years to complete an orbit, which means it stays in one zodiac sign for many decades. Thus, millions of people born in close time proximity to one another will all have the same Pluto placement. Pluto defines the changes or transformations taking place over generations.

Unlike the effects of the sun, moon, Mercury, and Venus, Pluto impacts us on a subconscious level, and it governs our emotions toward things verboten. For example, Pluto determines how our personalities experience sex and the occult. It also influences how secretive we are, the extent of our need for privacy, and our ability to trust others. In addition, Pluto rules over the wealth of others, and so Pluto is at work if we’re envious of those who are better off than we are, if we curry favor with those with money, if we have compassion for those who are indigent, if we judge those who are not hard-working. Wherever Pluto lands in your chart is where your darkness lies, and it is where your deepest transforming needs to occur.

Six months per year Pluto is direct, signifying its power and influence on the masses. The other six months it’s retrograde, forcing the individual to look within for transformation. Ultimately, Pluto’s energy helps us perfect ourselves from the deepest level of the individual and the collective masses.

Pluto forces us to look closely at all that we fear, hide, and are shamed of with the purpose of eliminating the old and outdated structures from the roots, so that the new can rise.

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