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The Center of the Solar System

Photograph by Getty Images

Without the sun, none of us would exist. It brings light and energy to all. Our bodies are empowered by the sun, which is one of the reasons that we sleep when it is night.

Just as the sun sustains our lives, it plays a major role in our astrological chart. The sun’s placement in our birth chart is largely determinative of our personality; even our identity. Most importantly it determines our sun sign. And like the sun projects light out into the world, its placement in your chart governs how you project yourself out into the world. The sun rules Leo, and Leos are usually larger than life, ambitious, and determined to shine. It is no surprise that Leos are often the center of not only their universe but also that of their families and circles of friends.

As I suggested, the sun’s placement in your chart determines how you use your energy. If you are an Aries, you will be physically and mentally energetic, risk taking, and excitable. If you are a Gemini, the sun will fuel your mind, causing you to collect information to distribute as a communication tool. If you are Cancer, the sun will relate very closely with your ruling moon energy, making you very emotional, nurturing, and drawn to aspects of motherhood. The sun’s placement will create a map for your personality, providing directions for the other planetary placements in your chart to follow.

And while each of our sun placements are shared with millions of other people, having the same sign as a person simply means you likely have similar traits. Two Virgos may be organized and health oriented. However, the placements of the planets will impact how they express these characteristics. Having the same sign doesn’t impact each person’s unique ways of projecting who he or she is.

The sun is the power of your self as a self. The sun travels through our constellation in three hundred sixty-five days, spending approximately thirty days in each zodiac sign. When the sun comes back around to the place it was at our birth, we call that our solar return or our birthday. And so the sun is where we begin, how we shine, and how everyone relates to us. It’s the only heavenly body that we celebrate once per year, making us who we are.

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