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An Aries Moon Gets You Ready to Rumble

Photograph by Getty Images

The moon heavily influences our moods, our needs, and our behaviors. You’re bound to feel the effects of the moon in Aries two and a half days each month, particularly if Aries is your moon sign. Here are some things you should know about people with an Aries moon.

1. An Army’s Energy

An Aries moon placement means tons and tons of energy—and more to burn! If your moon is in Aries, you need to move and stay as busy as possible. Your mind is always moving, as thoughts and ideas flood your awareness. These thoughts fuel your body’s energy and create heat within you. Movement, be it exercise, or dance, or just a brisk walk, will help you manage all the energy you carry.

2. Ready for a Fight

There is nothing this lunar placement enjoys or looks forward to more than a good fight. Folks with an Aries moon are ready for the debate of a lifetime, just for the fun of it. Be aware that an Aries moon opponent is tenacious. He or she will come at the argument with intellectual rigor, so if you’re the adversary, prepare in advance!

3. Rebellious

If there are rules to be followed, you can be certain that a person with an Aries is nowhere to be found. The saying “rules were made to be broken,” was created for these risk takers. The best thing about this trait is that those with a moon in Aries live lives filled with adventure. In fact, they tend to be visionaries, in that if what they want doesn’t currently exist, they’ll build it.

4. Lover of Children

If your moon placement is in Aries you love children, primarily because you identify with ever-present youthfulness. You are pretty much a young soul for life, and need to feel the freedom and spontaneity than only children possess. Unencumbered and free spirited are what you are at any age.

5. Not Nostalgic

If your moon lands in Aries you never look back because you’re too busy working and creating in the current moment. You’re mind-set is like that of a worker bee focused on the next thing—you don’t stay interested in things you’ve already done. A great aspect of this trait is that you don’t hold grudges. Whatever you fought about yesterday, has no place or energy in you today. You’re busy jumping the hurdles in front of you.

6. My way or the high way

People with Aries moon can just be downright bratty when they are not getting their way. The childlike aspect of them can let lose when they want what they want and aren’t progressing. This can make them difficult in romantic relationships because seems like a normal disagreement can become a battle of wills, adolescent style.

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