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Neptune Helps Us Escape from Life’s Harsh Realities

Photograph by Getty Images

Neptune is the planet that rules Pisces, the mystical water sign. Neptune takes about one hundred sixty-five years to travel through all twelve signs of the zodiac, and it remains in each sign for about fourteen years. And so Neptune is like Pluto; it defines a generation.

Depending on where Neptune falls in your personal chart, which can be found at astro.com you will be easily influenced by ideals and fantasies. The placement shows what an entire generation idealizes and has trouble being realistic about because the dreams and illusions of perfection get in its way.

Neptune energy is not rational in any way; instead, it operates on a subconscious level. It is connected to dreams, intuition, psychic abilities, and deep emotions. The broad brush of the planet’s influence determines what a generation of people finds pleasing and desirable. For example, with the exception of the retrograde periods, Neptune was in Scorpio from December 1955 until November 1970. Those who came of age in this time frame were focused on transition. It was a period of great transformation—the traditions of the fifties dissolved into a passion for the new and experimental, and in many respects the worldview shifted. During this time our most inspired and impactful leaders—Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., JFK, Malcolm X, and Robert Kennedy were all assassinated, events emblematic of the transitions in American society. Everyone born during this time was deeply transformed by these deaths and the civil unrest of the time.

Neptune also impacts us personally, determining our ability to dream, create, and escape reality. As the ruler of Pisces, Neptune’s placement in our chart can also influence our spiritual nature, how we handle problems, and how we relate with others. For instance, Pisces is the zodiac sign that absorbs everything like sponge. Those born under the sign of Pisces blend their energy with that of others unaware of their doing so, and this is the impact of Neptune. Neptune’s energies pull us into the deep, subconscious mind where our egos disappear. A great deal of self-exploration (I suggest meditation or hypnosis) is required to access the deep oceans within us. It is arguably easier to identify what Neptune is up on a large scale, just turn your attention to how the group consciousness of the time is presenting.

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