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Libra Moon Seeks Harmony at All Cost

Photograph by Getty Images

It’s hard not to love those with celestial bodies in Libra and especially those with a moon placement. If your moon is in Libra you need to have harmony, happiness, and peace. You will do whatever is needed to make others happy, and the thought of having someone angry with you is unbearable. What else is true about those with this lunar placement?

1. Emotionally Shallow and Controlled

Those with this placement don’t experience intense feelings often and prefer friends and family members who are not too emotional. This is a function of the need to keep things balanced and in harmony at all times. They live mostly in their heads, analyzing rather than feeling. The benefit of this is their consistent calm manner, but their cool demeanor makes is difficult for those in their lives to feel close and connected to them.

2. Don’t Like Being Alone

Relationships are very important to those with the Libra lunar aspects. People with this aspect spend much of their waking time pursuing and maintaining balanced and healthy relationships of all kinds. In a romantic relationship they are faithful, devoted and attentive partners. Not inclined to play the field, they want stability.

3. Natural Musical Ability

If your moon aspect is Libra, there’s a good chance you have natural musical talent that just seems to flow out of you. It’s likely you either play an instrument or sing. If neither of these are true, you undoubtedly love music very much and spend a great deal of your time involved with some type of musical activities.

4. Need to Please

People with the Libra moon placement tend to care what others think of them and tend to be more conventional because of it. They don’t want to be perceived as too different, risk taking or unstable. Your relationships follow social norms. It’s highly unlikely that you’d live with someone before marriage.

5. Willing to Compromise

The truth is that people with a Libra moon placement are too willing to compromise and will let other take advantage of them in order to keep the peace. They can be so involved in meeting the needs of others that they may not know what they need. It’s easy for them to skip over their needs believing that they need others to be happy, and when other are happy their needs are met. Sometimes this is true, but many times it is not, and they deprive themselves of what they really require.

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