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Your Scorpio Moon Lurks in the Secret Spaces

Photograph by Getty Images

If you think those with a Scorpio sun are intense, wait until you’ve encountered someone with a Scorpio moon. Generally, the sun placement shines outward; the moon placement goes deep within. But in the case of Scorpio, the sun placement is within, as Scorpios are drawn to deep, dark, and sexual ways of being. The moon placement takes them even further into the realm of the unknown.

1. Secretive

Those with a moon in Scorpio are private in ways most can’t even touch. Secret is their middle name. They are extremely emotional and highly sensitive, and how they sincerely feel is their most guarded secret. They refuse to be hurt by others and so they refuse to share their feelings with others until it seems completely safe.

2. Intensely Passionate

Passion runs in their veins like blood, and they are passionate about many things—especially relationships. Those with a Scorpio moon placement are highly sexual and though they are able to enjoy casual relationships, they are not their preference. This group wants safety and comfort so they can freely express their passion in and out of the bedroom.

3. Consumed by Romance

When they become involved with someone, people with a Scorpio moon give their entire self over to the relationship, and they expect the other person to do the same. They feel that they and their partner are one entity. This can create an experience of jealousy and possessiveness. Power struggles ensue, and hearts can be broken when expectations aren’t met.

4. Vindictive

If someone with a moon in Scorpio feels they’ve been betrayed by a lover or a friend, watch out. They can be vindictive and ruthless in seeking revenge. They are worthy adversaries, and they don’t give up quickly. These individuals will hold a grudge until they get revenge, even if years have gone by.

5. Live Beneath the Surface

A moon in Scorpio means someone intrigued by what lies beneath the surface and the inner workings of people, things, and the universe itself. They have a mystical side and may be interested in the occult or matters of the other world. These people generally don’t fear death. Their intuition and perception help them in this area, making it easy to pick up on signals and understand language without words.

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