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A Sagittarius Moon Needs Adventure

Photograph by Getty Images

Those born under the influence of a Sagittarius moon need to be inspired, and the best way for them to find inspiration is through adventure and new experiences. Don’t try to keep a person with a Sagittarius moon locked down because they will wither inside. Freedom in the path to their hearts desires and there is no compromise here at all. Not even an inch. Here’s what you need to know about people with a Sagittarius moon placement:

1. Fun-Loving and Optimistic

Those with a moon in Sagittarius love to have fun, and their favorite way of doing so is being with people. They love a new friend, new relationship, or new spaces to meet others. They tend to keep their hearts open and ready for what they can discover from new people. This aspect of their personalities emotions can make it hard on those they’ve known for a long time. They grow bored and seek the adventure that the unknown offer. They always see the silver lining in every situation.

2. Love Sports

People with a Sagittarius moon placement are avid sports fans and often have a great deal of athletic ability themselves. They may be inclined to use sports can be a method of escapism, allowing them to ignore reality or hard life issues. They have no desire to get deeply in relationships because they fear getting stuck. For them sports serve as both a great distraction and as a health-promoting activity.

3. Aloof

Those in this group are not big on forming deep emotional bonds, not even their romantic partners. They’re likely to have a large and diverse group of friends, but these connections are not tight ones. Their romances are more like fun friendships than emotional commitments. They never want to feel trapped and emotions work as a trap in their minds.

4. Not Great at Monogamy

A Sag moon placement means an eagerness to expand and that makes it hard on long-term relationships. They enjoy learning from others and sharing ideas, and they seek out new communities constantly. It just so happens that these meetings of the mind can inspire or feel like sensual connections that lead to sexual encounters.

5. Love Travel

Travel is a part of who people with a Sagittarius moon are. They love a new city or country the way others love a new person or a new idea. Because there’s so much in the world to discover, they like to stay moving at all costs. If they aren’t able to travel, they’re in distress because they long to see the world.b

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