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Your Pisces Moon Needs to Connect

Photograph by Getty Images

Those with a Pisces moon are probably the most sensitive people of the zodiac—they are highly intuitive, empathic, and spiritual. Pisces moon people have a way of connecting with so deeply others on an unconscious level that they feel others’ emotions as if they are their own. These are the empaths of the zodiac taking on the troubles of the world as if they belong solely to them. They are sympathetic and compassionate in nearly every way.

1. Chameleon-Like

Like a chameleon changes it’s shade to match the environment, the Pisces moon person takes on the tone and energy of the people they spend time with. This makes it important that them to be around people who are happy and harmonious; they’re likely to otherwise absorb negative energy that will cause depression and morbidity. If you have a moon in Pisces, choose your friends wisely.

2. Imaginative

Those with a Pisces moon placement have a very creative imagination and are sensitive to sounds, colors, and musical rhythms. They are likely to have some type of artistic talent, which probably revealed itself in their early childhood. They may nonetheless have not bothered to nurture their talents as they enjoy spending time in their dream world. They prefer their dreams to waking life and therefore often miss out on reaching their goals.

3. Forgiving Nature

As a lunar sign, Pisces are some the most forgiving of the zodiac. Their ability to sense the emotions of others makes them in tune to others’ troubles and challenges. They understand why someone would do something that might be considered wrong, not because they’ve done it themselves, but because they can put themselves in the shoes of another easily. Forgiveness it their superpower, except when it comes to themselves.

4. Unworthiness

Unfortunately, those with a Pisces moon struggle with feelings of unworthiness and often believe themselves to be unsuccessful in career and love. Some of this is due to picking up the negativity from others, but it also is a result of not working as hard as they can for what they want. The combination can create stagnation that leaves them feeling down on themselves.

5. Mother Issues

People with a Pisces moon often have complicated relationships with their mothers. This may be due to being misunderstood and seen as too sensitive and needy in their early years. Often mothers of children with a Pisces moon simply don’t read their children properly and make choices for them that do more harm than good. It’s a good thing that they are forgiving!

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