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Your Aquarius Moon Needs Unpredictability

Photograph by Getty Images

Aquarians are known for being rebels. This trait is even more pronounced in those who have an Aquarian lunar aspect. The lunar astrology runs deep within our subconscious, and so its influence is less about our personality and more about our feelings and needs. It infuses the unseen but felt parts of ourselves. Those with a moon in Aquarius need to feel exceptional and free in order to be fulfilled, and they will pursue these experiences at the risk of everything else.

1. Emotionally Unpredictable

People with a moon in Aquarius absolutely deplore injustice and they’ll unravel when they detect or witness someone being harmed. They can be excitable in a way that might startle those around them. When angry it is very often due to the perceived poor treatment of others. They feel tremendously dissatisfied when they can’t protect people or make a difference to change their circumstances.

2. Enjoy Confrontation

A moon placement in Aquarium means that someone never wants things to get to boring—so a little confrontation here and there serves to add some unpredictability to the pot. (They don’t want the pot to boil over, but they like when things heat up just enough to keep people awake. They also get over things quickly and let issues roll away as fast as they’ve come.

3. Plenty of Lovers

These individuals either have several lovers simultaneously or they change lovers frequently—they are simply not good at monogamy. Freedom, and the unpredictability it offers them keeps them engaged in life and feeling alive. However, they are honest and fair in their relationships and are sure to disclose who they are. These people don’t make promises they can’t keep.

4. Loyal Friend

Friendships are the primary source of joy for those with an Aquarius moon placement, and they do everything they can to nurture them. They desire friendship over anything else and will make everyone their friend, even their children.

5. Humanitarians

If you have a moon in Aquarius, you find your greatest satisfaction in serving the well-being of others. You are more concerned with the greater good for all and less with individual advancements. If your work is with children, the homeless, or those who are in need, you’re in the right career.

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