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Your Virgo Moon Needs to Fix What is Broken

Photograph by Getty Images

Virgos get a bad rap for being uptight, organized and virtual no fun at all. If this is true for those with the sun in Virgo, those with the moon in Virgo are the same plus ten. The moon aspect means we need to behave a certain way in order to feel true to ourselves. Driven by emotions, the moon sign determines what you need for your fulfillment.

1. Picky Picky Picky

The Virgo moon placement is no easy person to please. This lunar placement means difficulty at its core. They can be picky eaters, freakish about hygiene and order is a must. Don't be surprised if someone with a moon in Virgo needs to wash their hand constantly or carries hand sanitizer with them at all times. Nothing is ever good as it is with these folks and those around them likely jump through hoops to please them.

2. Need to serve

The Virgo lunar placement needs to serve because their eye is fixed on what is not working and what is broken. They serve for the purpose of finding solution and course correcting. It's their heartfelt desire to make things better than they were before they came.

3. Emotionally aloof

Don't expect those with a Virgo moon to share their feels easily but be sure to know they are very sensitive. Shyness is the makes it difficult for this lunar placement to express themselves to match their true emotion. The way you express your love and affection is by doing things for those you care for.

4. Service their great joy

You derive a great deal of satisfaction from helping others. You are concerned with the well-fare of others particularly the most vulnerable or helpless. You never shy away from hard work or menial and you support social programs.

5. Struggle to say no

When you are asked to help anyone, especially a family member, you always say yes if you are able. You can be a bit of a martyr and must find time for yourself to do what you love for you. And if you're not careful, you could easily become servant to those closes to you without recognizing it.

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