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Jennifer Lopez—Leo Sun, Scorpio Moon, Leo Ascendant

Photograph by GC Images

Jennifer Lopez was born to be a star with the sun shining brightly as both her sun sign and her ascendant. Jenifer personifies Leo and all of its natural talent, hard work, and glory. She believes in her ability to do whatever she puts her mind and heart to, regardless of what others think or say. As a Leo, Jennifer is a born performer. There’s no doubt that when the lights and cameras are turned off she continues to keep the beats running in her head and perfecting every step for the next show.

Leo Sun

Love is Jennifer’s strength and weakness as we’ve seen with her many public relationships. Leos are in love with being in love and believe deeply in the fantasy tales that happily-ever-after is real. This is why Jennifer continues to keep her heart open and give herself over to the ideals of love. But she needs to be sure she doesn’t lose herself in any of these relationships—someone with ideal notions of romance is not likely to be crushed when the love ends. But love is at Jennifer’s fingertips and she is magical enough to conjure up its power at any time.

Scorpio Moon

Yes, Jennifer is a public superstar who has reached the highest ranks of celebrity, but you better believe that she has a very private life that not even those closest to her know of. This is the nature of a Scorpio moon. Jennifer’s moon placement means that her talents, passions, and powers run into the deep places within her. She fears very little and is willing to visit the most intimate of spaces within the heart of another and herself. She loves with deep intensity and passion and when things get dark, Jennifer gets strong. With this moon placement It’s not impossible that she practices some type of traditional magic and that it is one of her secret weapons.

Leo Ascendant

Holy moly, Jennifer’s ascendant and her sun sign are in conjunction. This means that the mask she presents to the world is Leo and she’s a Leo. She was destined to be just where she is, and it’s likely that her path there was pretty straightforward. Her talents and persona are strikingly original, and when she made a big impression when first hit the scene. A beautiful, curvy, talented, and smart Latina, her Leo power put her at the center of the stage and has kept her there. Jennifer was born to perform, born to love, and born to be a really fun mother.

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