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Roaring with Joy and Exuberance

Photograph by Getty Images

One of the best things about Leo season is that we need absolutely no reason to let the joy and enthusiasm flow. This is the time of year when play is in order. Leo lives in the domain of the young and lighthearted. When these two merge in Leo, a pure sense of joy and enthusiasm arise. We no longer need a reason to play, sing, and spend time with friends. With the long days, we have more energy stored and we’re likely to just feel happier. Leo season means it’s time to let the joy and exuberance for life flow freely and here’s how you can do that:

1. Practice being Grateful

Nothing ignites joy like gratitude. But gratitude has to become a routine, meaning it’s something we do regularly and habitually like brushing our teeth or showering. A gratitude practice will bring your mind to experiences, people, and opportunities to appreciate living. One easy way to incorporate gratitude into your life is by starting and ending each day by writing down three things you are grateful for.

2. Play Games

Nothing gets you out of your serious adult world like playing games. It doesn’t matter what type of games you play, just don’t play alone if you can help it. Playing with others tends to boost the energy and get the juices flowing. With their power to free us from our busy minds, drifting constantly to thoughts of the past and the future, games are a great way to be present and feel the child within. Joy is a now kind of feeling.

3. Have Sex

This is such a no-brainer. Having sex releases oxytocin, which is the happy hormone. Sex, when experienced with a partner we feel free and fully expressed with, creates a level of joy and exuberance no over-the-counter drug can replicate. And believe it or not, Leo is the sign that rules romantic adventure. This means sexual energies are running high and joy is accessible with our partners.

4. Watch TV or Movies from Your Childhood

Do you remember your favorite movies and television shows from your childhood? Were those times happy when you and your siblings or family members gathered together for family entertainment? Films like The Wizard of Oz or Mary Poppins generated so much joy. Go back to your fondest childhood memories and watch the level of joy rise within your heart.

5. Listen to Music

If you haven’t created a playlist of your favorite happy songs, what are you waiting for? Music is the language of the heart, and there is no faster way to your joy than with music. Music will reach deep into your soul and lift you out of dark places in a split second. And if you happen to enjoy dancing, go for it. Sing out loud, dance wild, and enjoy free outdoor summer concerts.

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