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Seven Things to Help You Shine During the Leo Season

Photograph by Getty Images

There’s no doubt that those born under the sign of Leo shine brighter than those influenced by other zodiac signs. As the sun as their ruler, this makes perfect sense. Leos are talented, confident, and willing to put themselves out there for all to see. And they shine from the inside out. How can you be more radiant during the Leo season? The good thing is that the radiant Leo energy is in the air, so you while won’t have to work hard, you might want to use a little extra care in getting your shine on.

1. Dr. Jackson Coconut Melt

Leos are known for taking good care of themselves, and skin care is the first place to begin. There’s a reason coconut oil is all the rave these days—it does a great job of hydrating the body and hair. It even helps with mouth and tooth care if you choose to use it for oil pulling. Dr. Jackson’s Coconut Melt is a multiuse product for hydration and radiance for lips, skin, and hair.

2. Increase Alkaline Intake

Those who promote alkaline water swear that it benefits our health and diminishes the effects of aging. I’m not certain about any of this, but what’s for sure is having less acid in your body is good, and eating and drinking alkaline foods and water will assist with that. The goal here is to create more radiance and shine in your life, the way Leo does. (The rest of us have to work a little harder at it.) Water will hydrate you from the inside out and alkaline water will add even more hydration, making your eyes white, skin soft, and hair moist. Good hydration is the central component in being radiant.

3. Tea Tree Oil and Neem Toothpaste

If your smile is whack, your shine will suffer, and it’s a simple as that. There are plenty of high-end products on the market promising to whiten your teeth and give you the smile everyone will envy. Well this simple toothpaste will do all of that and more. Tea tree oil and neem are both natural cleansers and bacteria killers. This means your teeth will be white and your mouth will be germ free. You’ll have the radiant smile that even a Leo will envy.

4. Good Gut

Leos don’t play around with their health from the inside out. This is one of the major reasons they shine so brightly. Gut heath is key to overall well-being, and a good probiotic will help you build a foundation of a strong immune system. Clean and strong on the inside means radiant on the outside.

5. Hot Yoga

If you want to really shine as bright or brighter than any Leo, a hot yoga practice will make your skin feel like silk, strengthen your muscles, and detox your body. Nothing says shine from the inside out like a weekly practice of hot yoga.

6. Meditation Practice

It’s been scientifically proven that meditation has profound benefits in the lives of those who practice it daily. It lowers stress, lowers blood pressure, and builds pathways in the brain that lead to a calmer disposition. Nothing shines like someone who is centered and self-aware. When you build a mindful practice into your life, you’ll shine like the light of the sun, just like Leo.

7. Clean Eating

By cleaning eating, I mean eliminating processed foods from your diet. Processed foods have a way of contaminating our systems, leaving us bloated, poorly nourished, and unsatisfied when we’re done eating. By monitoring the processed foods and sugars you ingest, you will not only feel good, you’ll look amazing as well.

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