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The Exciting Energy of Venus in Leo Will Rock Your World

Photograph by Getty Images/Caiaimage

Now that Venus is dancing and singing in Leo, it’s time to get your glamour-girl energy riding high. This energy has something fabulous in store for you, and all you’ll need to do is set the stage for the beautiful one within you to emerge with flair and grace. Venus, the goddess of love, is on fire burning up everything with passion and lusciousness.


Fall deeply in love with yourself before you unleash your romantic emotions toward the person who you adore. Become your own knight in shining armor, the warrior who saves the damsel and takes her into the happily-ever-after. Venus in Leo means drama, and what is more fabulous and dramatic than the love that you have for yourself!


Venus is your ruler, and as she hangs out in fiery, passionate Leo, you’ll be inspired to do something dramatic in your home. Be mindful not to go overboard, but it’s great to step out of your comfort zone and add some bold color in your living or bedroom. Something turquois will catch everyone’s eye and bring a sense of peace and tranquility to your heart and mind. Go big with one furnishing, Taurus, and be proud you did.


Show your siblings how proud you are of them by sharing a fun and delightful story with the world on your social media page or blog. Everyone looks forward to your skillful storytelling and what better way to surprise your siblings than with a story bragging about each one them and all their accomplishments?


Venus in Leo should have you feeling pretty good about yourself, and now is when you should splurge on a whim or two. You deserve to be treated like a queen with all the bells and whistles. If money is no object, spare no expense, and even express how good you feel to those closest to you.


With Venus in your house, you have the Midas touch. Everything you touch turns to gold and all that you desire is yours to claim. Don’t be shy and don’t let this energy wither away. Ask for what you desire this birthday season. Get your friends and family to go to whatever lengths will make you feel special and don’t feel guilty. When all is said and done, you’ll be happy, and everyone will glow from the light of your bliss.


Venus in Leo is asking you to go within and spend time alone reflecting about your year past and preparing for what goals and desires you have. Allow yourself to dream big with Venus in Leo, because everything is possible if you are open to receive.


There’s no time like the present to take a good look at your buddies and determine who makes you proud to call them friend and who does not. You are likely a good pal who offers a listening ear, advice, and steady wisdom. If your friends are reciprocating this level of kindness and care, reevaluate. Venus in Leo means your friends are worthy of celebrating.


It’s time to come from behind the rock at work and let the light shine upon you. Everyone wants to acknowledge you for all you do and the benefits of your skills. Clean yourself up in good Venus fashion and let your coworkers express how proud they are of you. Be seen and celebrated at work because you deserve it.


This is the best time of you for you to travel and do something really fun. Noting inspires you and opens your mind like long adventures, so get your map and airline ticket and hit the road. Be sure you bottle the inspiration you discover for your life back home as Saturn will need it for rebuilding structures in your daily life.


Now is the perfect time for you to reflect on the people within your life and whether you are happy good with some, all, or none of them. You are desiring a deeper connection, and it is available to you if the stage is set for it. You can’t force a stronger bond; doing so will surely lead to the end of the relationship. However, you can allow it to blossom with grace and a heart-centered intention for intimate connection.


You’ve got a good partner who loves and adores you and has for an eternity. As much as you love your freedom and independence, you also know your partner is your biggest cheerleader. It’s time you tell your partner how proud you are to have them in your life and while you’re at it, let the world know too. Give compliments and gestures of love often with Venus in Leo.


You’ve been in a rut lately, but Venus in Leo has come to rescue you from yourself. Change it up today. Do something entirely different that is big and out of your comfort zone. Start a new habit now, and it will stick for at least six months. A new routine is your next stop—make it something fun.

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