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Venus in Leo Wears a Golden Robe

Photograph by Getty Images/Caiaimage

Venus is currently traveling through Leo with the sun and Mercury nearby. This is a festive gathering for those who love art, drama, and beauty. And for those who are not big on art, drama, and beauty, you’ll feel the magnetic pull in subtle ways. There’s no denying the impact of Venus in Leo in our personal lives, particularly when Venus is joined by several other planets in Leo’s house. And those born under this influence are pretty spectacular—not unlike characters from Greek mythology in contemporary times. If this chart describes you, check out some other traits you’re likely to have:

1. Lover of Beauty and Art

You are highly creative and will likely find a way to merge your creative expression and your career. Self-expression is a part of your value system and you consistently work to bridge mundane daily living with the arts. For you, a dinner party is a creative expression, and an exhibit for your friends and family to behold.

2. Love Is Extremely Important

Love is the center of your world and like everything else in your life, you translate love into an art form. All of your romances serve as a muse to inspire your heart toward creative artistic expression. Maybe you write songs about your lovers, paint beautiful scenes inspired by love, or create elaborate flower arrangements. Love is your art and art is your love.

3. Dramatically Romantic

You’ll do anything for the sake of your partner. This is not to say you are a player, because you are deeply sincere in your affections and loyal. When a lover fails you, you will happily start again with joy in your heart. You are devoted to love and passion. Your partners may be a bit overwhelmed, but your loyalty is truly who you are, and by being devoted you show your understanding of romance. Romance novels and fairytales were written with you in mind.

4. Women with Venus in Leo

Women who have this natal aspect desire to be courted and treated like a queen by their partners. They see themselves as a prize to be adored and lavished with love. If you are one of them, you spend lots of money and time focused on your exterior appearance. Clothes, jewelry, and hair are a form of artistic expression and you take them all very seriously. Strong-willed, you are likely the dominant partner in any love affair.

5. Men with Venus in Leo

Men with Venus in Leo love glamorous women. These guys love women who spend time with their makeup, style, and presentation. In fact, high-maintenance women make them feel special, and they’re a great choice for a demanding woman.

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