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Aquarius Full Moon Says If It’s Broken, Get Rid of It.

Photograph by Getty Images

The Full moon always falls in the opposite house of the previous New moon. That means the Full moon will happen in Aquarius on August 18th, giving each of us a unique opportunity to discover how we serve the great good, our friends and when necessary rebel against the establishment. Full moon creates pathways to ending so don’t resist letting go to create space for what is to come.


There’s a chance that you’ve been struggling with several friends for the past many months. As much as you enjoy community and friends, it’s never worth sacrificing your peace of mind. The Full moon in Aquarius will set you up to burn some necessary bridges that should never be crossed again with specific friends.


You are not afraid of hard work but in this case there may be some unsavory things happening in your place of work. This would be the occasion to speak up and rebel against the leadership that serves to destroy the power of team work for self-interest. Don’t be afraid because you have the power to say what everyone is thinking.


If you’re struggling to find inspiration lately it might be time to start over entirely with something completely new. What do you need to get your juices flowing? Maybe a short trip or long adventure will clear the slate and get your excited about life. You need your heart and head in the game or else you’ll fade into black. Risk throwing it all away and trust that your desired new direction will present itself in the right time.


This is a deep transformative time for you because you are dealing with other people’s money and sex. You’re probably tucked deep into shell trying to escape the inevitable. The Aquarius moon will give you the energy to do something different and out of the box Cancer. You can make the changes you desire now. You can make a choice that will change your life and know you’re safe.


Your partnership needs something more as you are revamping your entire life this month gaining energy for the upcoming year. Now is the time to allow the full moon to help you release and let go what you don’t really love and a feel passionate about. It can be a simple as getting a new luxury mattress or a new lover. Whatever changes need to be made, be bold and get it done with this full moon energy.


It’s time for a new daily routine and that can be difficult for ridged system loving Virgo. But don’t resist because Jupiter has reorganized your world and it’s time to something entirely new to fit who you’ve become over the last year. Expansion is here, now you need to follow suit and open your world to receive more with updated daily routines.


It’s time you open to the changes happening in your romantic life. Something has been afoot for a while and you’ve successfully been able to avoid making any choices. No one can avoid choices as successfully as Libra, but no more. The rebellious Full moon will tip the scales far in one direction or another and you’ll be subject to the energy of change. Brace yourself and trust that all is well.


Something is transforming deep within your home sector. It could be a historical issue with your family that requires a sharp and cutting choice be made swiftly. If this is case, no one is better for the job than you. Fearless in every area, change and rebellion come as second nature. Be mindful of those who are close to you and less prepared for change.


The Full moon falls in your communication sector and please be advised to take caution with your words. In your case the rebellious thing to do would be thinking before you speak. Just because you think something doesn’t mean it needs to be spoken. These are lesson of Saturn being stationed with you for many months to come.


God knows you are smart with your money, working hard and saving more. God also knows you resist unplanned purchases and usually plan for any desires you have far in advance. That’s great and that also means you need to give something spontaneous to yourself or someone you feel very close with. Don’t over think it, just let the cash flow to a certain point and do something new that feels good. An expensive dinner or stay in luxury hotel overnight will give you a much needed boost.


This Full moon is big for you Aquarius. It’s been six months since your birthday and it’s time to take stock of what has worked and what hasn’t from then till now. Course correction is the order of this moon. If you’ve been playing it safe or holding back in any way, cut it out and move full steam ahead with your life vision and hearts desires for the next six months.


Take some time alone and regroup. The world it tough right now for you dear Pisces and your empathetic nature is likely overflowing for the good of humanity. Close the doors, windows and be alone until you find your personal center. You taking care of yourself is an act of rebellion for you Pisces but don’t resist it. If you’re not aligned you can’t help anyone.

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