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Leo New Moon Will Set Fire to Your Life

Photograph by Getty Images/Hero Images

The New moon falls in Leo this month on August 2nd. Once again, like each and every month we have opportunity to create new goals according to where the energy of the New moon will land in our personal chart. Understanding where the Leo New Moon falls in your chart is as simple as having a key to door that fits. For instance, if the New moon in Leo land in your relationships house, this means new fresh energy is opening up for you and it’s a chance for you to intentional create experiences that will revitalize your personal relationships. Let’s take trip around the zodiac, following the New moon in Leo with fire and enthusiasm for new adventures.


This is a fabulous New moon for you as Leo is a fire sign hosting both the sun and the moon. Your ruler Mars is moving into fiery Sagittarius, creating a grand fire triune giving you tons of energy and inspiration. This is great for playing and having lots of fun. You may even be inspired to travel. With all this fire burning, be mindful to watch your temper and not get frustrated if others don’t share your enthusiasm. But have a blast otherwise.


You’ll be eager make changes to your home during this Leo New moon. Let this fire energy work for you and get you started on a home project you’ve had in mind for some time now. Organization is the key here, so give yourself the time you need to see what things can stay and what can go. It would be a bad idea to get a friend to help you throw things away. The more space you create the happier you’ll be.


The Leo new moon will offer you tons of new ideas and lots to say about nearly everything. Your mind will be spinning like a child in a toy story moving from one cool thing to the next. Be sure to keep a journal handy, as not to miss any inspired thoughts. And also by mindful of your desire to chat more than normal. Gemini is never for a loss of words but this Leo new moon energy could get away from you and before you know it you’ve said something you regret. Mindfulness is the key to managing this energy.


Your ruler the moon will be in Leo with the sun, creating a fabulous new moon with lots of fiery energy. You’ll feel great and there’s a chance you’ll have some extra unexpected extra cash. As Mars moves into Sagittarius creating a triune with the moon, your ruler, you might get a spontaneous inspiration to spend money. I urge you to take three breathes first and think about any purchases before allowing all this fire to burn right through your wallet.


Leo you are front and center stage as the Sun and the New moon conjunct in your sign. This means new energy is present for the year you’re beginning and be sure to soak it all up. During this birthday season, this the best time to set an intention for the entire year. Find your inspiration the drive to accomplish new goals and let the good times roll. Happy birthday Leo, let your light shine.


Are you in need of new energy or some fire in the area of your dreams, intuition and spirituality. If the answer is yes, this New moon will deliver all you need to gather a fresh approach to the unexplainable and esoteric side of your life. Consider a new form of meditation, like a breathing or mantra led practice to reinvigorate your spiritual goals.


The Leo new moon lands in your house of friends and what a good time for you to organize something fun and playful with your closest comrades. With your ruler, Venus in Virgo, you love nothing more than entertaining and creating a beautiful fun filled evening with good food, conversation and an abundance of wine. Let your good feeling flow Libra and share them with your friends who will be grateful in all the ways that matter.


The new moon in Leo will light up your work sector, asking you to dig deep into the matter of the structures you’ve created to build your career upon. The Leo new moon requires you consider the heart of the matter and if you’re experiencing any joy here or is it all work and no play. Do you love what you’re doing? If no, it’s time to revisit the matter but first take time to discover what you love.


You need some fun now. Don’t put if off for any reason at all, trust that you’ll have what you need and take a leap of faith in the direction of your desired travel destination. This trip may include children and this is just what your heart needs. With this Leo new moon in a fire sign and mars moving into your sign, fire and fun are definitely instore. Have fun and know that Saturn won’t let you get out of hand so trust yourself.


The Leo moon lights up your house of sex, others people’s money and death. This means it’s time to transform in an area you’ve feared up till now. The good thing about Leo new moon is it lightens everything up. So even as you face something challenging the energy is fresh and rejuvenating. You can do it Capricorn because you can do anything.


The Leo new moon lights up your house of relationship bringing new energy and joy to your personal one on one partnerships and marriage. Maybe you’re beginning a new long-term relationship with partner that excites you? If yes, use this new moon energy to infuse the relationship with light hearted energy and an intention for love and joy. And if you’re in a long term committed relationship, this could be the beginning of a new cycle for your love and joy together.


The Leo new moon will blaze your house of daily routine and health. You’ve desired a new direction for your daily life for a while now and organizing your day in and day out routine will give you’re the practice you need to feel stable like you have your feet on the shore. Don’t let this energy get away from you Pisces, you’ll need a secure routine for what is coming down the road.

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