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Mercury Retrograde: How it Impacts Your Sign

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Oh boy, it’s that time again, Mercury is going into retrograde. I would recommend getting our energy in front of it, with the intention of being cooperative and receptive to its gifts. Yes, there are gifts of retrograde because the universe is always expanding, even when it appears to be contracting in our personal lives. Everyone’s journey is a dance of light and dark, up and down, life and death. We are everything and nothing, all at once. With this in mind, every astrological event is always serving us, even when it’s uncomfortable. This Mercury retrograde season will likely be a doozy, but we don’t have to be caught off guard. The shadow season of the mercury retrograde begins on August 10th, and from this date forward it would be prudent to pay attention to the issues that surface in your life. Here are areas to pay close attention to as we move into the Mercury retrograde season.


Notice what is going on in your work environment. Pay close attention to coworkers and be mindful to keep communication clean. Avoid work disputes and frustrating exchanges. Also pay attention to your diet and how it’s impacting your mood. It’s important that you eat and focus on your health in a way that serves you. Do you feel good about your eating choices? Are you happy with your health regimen? If not, you will need to make changes soon.


Give close attention to issues surrounding your children. Pay close attention to their eating habits, social media lives, and daily complaints and conversations. Be available to them during this time and create open discussions to help you discover how you can serve them and help them feel good about themselves.


Don’t get stuck in the world news. Turn off your television, the Internet, and even the radio for a while. Let your mind rest from collecting and disseminating information for a season. Spend time at home doing projects you’ve put off. Now is a great time to redo your floors or paint the kitchen. Use your mind in a new way, and you’ll find a peace and serenity you rarely feel.


What have you been wanting to say but have refrained from speaking? It’s time to start expressing yourself, but you must be specific and detailed in your conversations. Don’t beat around the bush these days--your clarity and truth are good for everyone.


You could be self-critical and sensitive at this time. Find what is making you feel insecure and make a plan to address it on your own. Don’t look for others to affirm and fortify you before you’ve done so for yourself. This could be tricky, Leo, but you are up to it. Go within and not without.


How can you express yourself so that others hear your intention? Misunderstandings are easy now and it’s important that remain kind and mindful as you speak to others. Your desire is always to serve, but remember an aspect of service is communicating in a way that people can hear. Avoid being self-righteous; others don’t appreciate a holier-than-thou attitude. This is also a good time for hair and style changes.


You will be very sensitive during this shadow retrograde season. Don’t do things that drain your energy. You may desire to be alone, so find time for yourself, to read and tap into your dream state. If you must spend time with others, be sure they are people you can have like-minded dialogues with.


It’s time to reflect on the people you spend time with. Are your friends aligned with your values? Do you feel as if you serve them and they you? Be aware of the groups you’re involved with and determine if you feel good within these circles. It might be time to let some go or just reposition some to the back of the line and others to the front.


Pay attention to duties and responsibilities around home and work. Look at what’s pulling on you and make a note of it. Are your children in need of extra attention? Maybe someone in the office is watching you like a hawk and it’s making you uncomfortable. Be peaceful, and don’t be defensive in either case. It will blow over.


Be willing to learn about others rather than judge or brush them off. If someone is challenging your views, don’t dismiss him or her. Get to know and understand the other’s perspective and see if it helps you in any way.


You could easily get icy during this time, so make sure your boundaries are clear. You may be somewhat uncomfortable as you deal with minor legal issues or a lover who needs more than you care to give. All you need to do is be lovingly honest and all will be right with the world.


If you are signing any contract at this time be sure to do all the research needed first. Be clear about language and agreements. Avoid your desire to simply agree for the sake of feel keeping the peace. Hold your ground even if it feels uncomfortable and isolating. Be discriminating and keep your boundaries.

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