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Mercury in Aries Enjoys a Verbal Battle

Photograph by Getty Images/Caiaimage

Mercury is the planet that both rules communication and determines how your mind processes information. The placement of Mercury in your chart will influence whether you focus easily or struggle to stay present. It will also have an impact on your ability to bring a thought into action, and if you are able to get others on board with you. When Mercury lands in Aries, the baby of the zodiac who burns with energy, you get a fast-paced mind with lots to do and say. If this describes your birth chart, you probably have these other qualities too:

1. Fast Learner

Your mind is very active and fast. You consume information like a wildfire burns through brush, especially when something interests you. On the other hand, you can find it difficult to concentrate because you mind runs from one idea to another so quickly. You can also grow bored easily, losing interest nearly as quickly as you found it.

2. You Trust Your Own Ideas

It’s not like you to simply take someone else’s word. You are always inclined to do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

3. Easily Provoked

You can be quite argumentative and are willing to heatedly debate issues that are near and dear to you. It’s not uncommon for you to get into small spats, as you have a hard time holding your tongue and keeping your thoughts to yourself. You often say exactly what you are thinking, even if others may be offended.

4. Good Speaker

You have a powerful speaking voice, and some feel that you make a dynamic orator. Others may find you to be a bit of loud mouth, so you might be mindful of your tendency to be verbally confrontational. Even when you aren’t angry your tone can be abrasive.

5. Unconventional Thinker

You often think out of the box and aren’t afraid to share your unique ideas and even defend them. It doesn’t bother you to have unpopular ideas; you may even like being the odd man out.

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