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Mercury Going Home to Virgo

Photograph by Getty Images

Mercury has just entered Virgo, its home. This means that the events for the next month will be focused around clear communication, healing, and organization. This is no small aspect, as Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo near the end of August. I will lay out clear directives and support of the retrograde in another blog, but before retrograde energy hits, let’s get our heads in the game going on right now.


When Mercury heads into Virgo, this is your time to focus on your daily schedule Aries. The most important part of the day for you is your exercise routine--you need to start your day by seriously working out. If you’ve lost your workout commitment and have been ignoring your physical health, stop it now. Get your daily program in place and fit it into your schedule. You won’t be happy until you do.


Self-expression is not the easiest thing for you, but it’s time you make your desire to be seen known. Are you an artist of some sort? Do you spend lots of time creating wonderful meals in the kitchen for everyone to enjoy? Now is your chance to organize your life around what you love doing and giving to those in your life. Don’t be so casual about your passions and talents. Be bold and express with power and confidence.


Mercury is your ruler, Gemini, and it’s in Virgo, the other sign it commands. This means you’re feeling yourself and that’s pretty cool. The people in your home or your siblings are in need of your attention. Why not do something really cool to celebrate them? Host a dinner party in their honor and spend the evening telling stories about growing up and childhood fights and victories. Now is the perfect time to nurture your family. It will be healing for all.


You’re not that keen on communicating and sharing your feelings. You prefer to keep everything locked inside that safe shell of yours. But if there is anything worth saying, now is the time to speak your truth. It’s also a great time to write a letter (if speaking makes you too nervous). Keeping silent is not the solution with Mercury in Virgo. Whatever you say will help anyone who hears it.


Your self-esteem is on a high this month so don’t waste this fabulous feeling and energy on small things. Plus, it’s your birthday month and that means you’ll be celebrating and celebrated. Let your light shine boldly. Make speeches, be grand, dance all night, laugh loudly, fall in love, let your heart burst with joy. This is the time to be as self-focused as possible and get all the love and attention you desire. Just remember to say thank you.


You’ve undergone lots of expansion over the last year with Jupiter stationed in your sign. Now that Mercury is joining you’ll have a chance to organize and integrate many of the new ideas and feelings you’re encountering. Don’t waste this Mercurial energy. Put it to good use and try journaling and visioning for what is to come.


You love art, and this is the time for you to give your art the energy it truly deserves. You do know your art work has a healing component to it. Devote some concerted effort toward making self-expression a regular part of your schedule and life, and watch what happens as the next several months unfold.


Mercury in Virgo will bring your attention to your friends and the space you share emotionally with them. You enjoy deep relationships; relationships that exist far beneath the everyday connections that most people have. Allow yourself to have meaningful conversations and delve into ways you can serve your friends. Be willing to help them go deep into their feelings to find meanings in their lives and dreams. You are powerful Scorpio, and with Mercury in Virgo your deep understanding will serve to help others grow.


Here’s your chance to stand out at work. Share your dynamic inspiration and lighthearted wisdom with your coworkers. Be mindful as you interact with others to set an intention to be of service. This way your inspiration will land in a way that creates new ideas, processes, and partnerships. Speak with enthusiasm and clarity and your work environment is bound to change for the better.


Oh boy, you must be getting ready to board an airplane, boat, or train. It’s probably for work, and that’s okay, because work is your fun. You will undoubtedly work hard, but be sure to infuse some joy in the journey as well. When others see you having fun they will be thrilled and set free in some personal way.


There’s lots of deep, undercover things happening that need your attention. You’re feeling particularly lusty and fun with your lover. You might also feel somewhat out of sorts with a legal agreement that could have a major effect on your life. Do your best to relax and not assign meanings that aren’t realistic. You are in a good place, even if you don’t feel that way.


Expect your mind to be bursting with ideas and things to do with your friends and family. Date nights and fun weekend excursions are on your list of things to do this month. Your mind is overflowing with joy for your lover and you’re bursting at the seams to share your happiness. Tell everyone you speak with how wonderful life and love can be. When done with intention and joy, your story of love will serve others and give them hope.

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