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Cancer Moms: Check Out How Mercury Impacts Your Parenting

Photograph by Getty Images

Mercury rules communication and how your mind processes information. It determines how you think and interact with others. If Mercury falls in Cancer in your birth chart, you spend most of your time thinking about yourself and your family. Here are some other traits you probably have if you have a Mercury in Cancer placement:

1. Internally Focused

Your mind is internally focused and you are something of an introvert. Your mental and emotional worlds tend to be intertwined, making it easy for you to personalize issues and difficult at times for you to be objective. What you feel and what you think tend to go hand in hand.

2. Love to Talk about Your Family

You love talking about your family and especially your children. Everything in your life tends to focus around them, and you might be the type who monopolizes conversations with stories about your kids. You can go on and on with how well they are doing in school or sports, and you even don’t hesitate to discuss more personal matters, such as breast feeding. You love your family and children more than anything and are willing to share that love with anyone who will listen.

3. Keen Non-Verbal Communication

While you love to chat about your children, you are otherwise not much of a talker. That doesn’t mean that you are not aware of what others are thinking and feeling. Your intuitive power is very strong, and you can know what others are feeling without them saying a word. When you are close with others you seemingly have a psychic connection with them.

4. Concerned About Safety

Because your children and family are your most prized relationships, you are often thinking about their safety and new ways to assure that they are okay at all times. This can mean that you seek ways to create financial security, intending to be ready when anyone needs something. There is not a need your family can have that you’ve not prepared for in some way.

5. Conservative and Traditional

Your thoughts and ways of being are generally conservative. You view new ideas as risky and a threat to the safety of the systems you’ve put in place to assure everyone is safe and secure. It can be difficult for you to see that others may simply walk a different path and see the world through their own unique eyes.

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