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Why Truth Matters to Scorpio Moms

Photograph by Getty Images

Mercury rules communication and how the mind processes information. It determines how we think and interact with others. If Mercury falls in Scorpio in your birth chart, you desire to know and understand the deeper meanings in everything. What lies on the surface has very little value to you. Here are some other traits you probably have if you a Mercury in Scorpio placement:

1. Blunt

You tend to be very blunt in your speaking and you can be a little sarcastic. You get straight to the point and don’t mince words. You don’t mind if you step on toes or offend others when speaking truth. Your intention is not to be mean, but to be truthful at all costs. You are willing to say the things others would never say.

2. Seek Deeper Meaning

You are not satisfied with superficialities and always look to understand what is beneath the surface. You are interested in finding the secrets within, whether those secrets are human, business-related, or spiritual. You don’t mind the hard work it can take to unearth the essential truth.

3. Focused

You have an insightful and penetrating mind and are able to focus for long and extended periods of time. You are infinitely curious and will leave no stone unturned until you find the answers you seek. You will analyze information and find ways to use it for your own purpose.

4. Very Convincing

You can and will often express your viewpoints vehemently and you enjoy good argument with a worthy opponent. You are charismatic and very convincing as you express your views. Your mind is rarely changed because you have done extensive research and study on any topic you discuss. Because you are so confident and persuasive, those who start out disagreeing with you will often concede to your perspective.

5. Intuitive

You are very intuitive (if not downright psychic), allowing you to grasp what others cannot. You don’t miss much because your intuition allows you to feel and see what is not meant to be seen by others.

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