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Sagittarius Parents Need to Stay Grounded!

Photograph by Getty Images

Mercury rules communication and how the mind processes information. It determines how we think and interact with others. If Mercury falls in Sagittarius, you have a mind that wants to explore and learn as much as possible. The following are other traits you probably have if Mercury resides in Sagittarius in your chart:

1. Hungry for Knowledge

You tirelessly search for knowledge and understanding. You want to learn everything and will throw yourself into any educational experience. You especially love psychology, religion, and philosophy. You are also nosy and desire to know everything about everyone.

2. Broad Vision

In your search for information, you are able to see the bigger picture and help things make sense and have a practical application. You are able to use information as a tool to support daily life and a future vision.

3. Sociable

You will talk with anyone who will listen to you and do so with an intention to spread and share ideas. A good conversation is a great treat, and you will not miss the opportunity to talk with a new person. You spend lots of time with friends and family playing games and attending sports events. You love meeting people from other cultures and countries.

4. Great Imagination

You have a fantastic imagination and are a natural storyteller. You easily entertain those around you with funny and clever stories. Your imagination can run away with you, and if the crowd is laughing you will exaggerate the story for the sake of a good laugh. Your ability to keep others engaged makes you a good salesperson.

5. Travel is Your Topic

More than any other topic, you enjoy talking about traveling and experiences with other cultures, religions, governments, and traditions. Travel makes you happy; encounters with things that and people that are unfamiliar is your favorite type of stimulus. When you travel, you feel alive and expanded from the inside out.

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