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Capricorn Mom: Works Hard and Thinks Clearly

Photograph by Getty Images/Cultura Exclusive

Mercury rules communication and how the mind processes information. It determines how we think and interact with others. If Mercury falls in Capricorn in your birth chart, you are logical, clear, and concise in nearly every way. Here are some other traits you probably have if you have a Mercury in Capricorn placement:

1. An Orderly Mind

Your mind works for a purpose and that is to help you fulfill your goals, understand what is before you, and how to make it work in your life. Your mind is not filled with frivolous thoughts, fantasies, and imaginings. You focus on practical things.

2. Here and Now

Your attention is on the here and now and what needs to be addressed today. You are not the most creative and dreamy person, but you can concentrate for long extended periods of time. Your memory is great, and you use it to serve your purposes in the moment. Your ability to be present is a super power that helps you endure in ways most would over to in frustration.

3. Ambitious

You are very ambitious and you use your mind to focus on your goals and create success, You have an outstanding work ethic and don’t take short cuts in work or business dealings. You are willing to do what it takes to get the desired result.

4. Negative Thinking

You are serious and pragmatic and can be prone to negative thinking. In turn, you may find yourself depressed and subject to feelings of hopelessness. You can be very critical of yourself and others. At times you can be morbid, pensive, and fearful, thinking and expecting the worst of others.

5. Insecure

You can be insecure about your mental abilities and will work hard to feel better about your skills and intellect. You desire to be acknowledged and respected for you work and you’re likely to go out of your way for praise.

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