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Hey Moms: Do You Have Venus in Gemini?

Photograph by Getty Images/Caiaimage

Venus is the planet that rules love, beauty and art, and it governs your sense of esthetics, what you consider beautiful, your artistic abilities, and your physical attractiveness. Venus also rules one-on-one relationships, both business and personal. If you have Venus in Gemini (check here), you enjoy talking about romance and relating with your romantic partner. Here are other characteristics this aspect may present:

1. Love of Words

You love to express your creative talents with language. You may write poetry, plays, romance novels, or scripts. It really doesn’t matter what media you use, you just love to write. You also write incredible love letters and you’re able to make your relationship read like a hot and steamy romance novel.

2. Communication Is Most Important

In relationships, communication is the most important aspect of your connection to another. You value talking more than sex and if you and your partner aren’t talking regularly and openly, your sexual attraction will decrease. In other words, language is foreplay to you. You need a partner you can share ideas with and who will teach and learn things with. You appreciate the intelligence of others, and you love learning from your lovers.

3. Many Loves

You might be inclined to have more than one lover because you believe that one person can’t meet all of your needs. Each lover offers you something very unique and valuable. Your dualistic nature can be difficult for others to accept, but you are genuinely interested in being connected with many lovers and give yourself entirely to each person in your life.

4. Unattached

You’re more like a wide river than a deep one. You are very expansive and inclusive. When you are with someone you are present with him or her, but you don’t readily attach to romantic partners as your source of happiness or love. When relationships end, you easily recover because you are excited for the next love that will show up and what you will learn from that new encounter.

5. Open to Newness

You are always open to new loves and are an incorrigible flirt. You can’t stand possessiveness, and if you have a partner that tries to control or dictate to you how you should be, you will resist, rebel, and eventually leave.

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