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Venus Moms Are Precise and Hardworking. Sound Familiar?

Photograph by Getty Images

Venus is the planet that rules love, beauty and art. It also impacts on your sense of esthetics, what you consider beautiful, your artistic abilities, and physical attractiveness. Venus is responsible for all of your one-on-one relationships. If you have Venus in Virgo, love is a practical aspect of your life, and it needs to serve some purpose beyond romance and living happily ever after. Here are other characteristics this aspect may present:

1. Practical and Cautious

Venus in Virgo is not an easy placement, as Virgo is pragmatic and exacting, to the point of being overly cautious and critical at times. However, if you are an artist of some sort, you can be certain that your art is perfection. You will be precise and intentional with anything you do, especially if your creations will be seen by the public or eyes beyond yours. Venus in Virgo will make a science out of beauty, leaving people wondering how exactly is that possible and wowed in every way.

2. Unromantic

You aren’t very interested in storybook romances. You desire to have a relationship that serves you and your partner in ways that add value and order to your lives. You are concerned about the function of the relationship and how it serves on a day-to-day bases. For you, a down-to-earth partnership that makes life better (and easier!) is ideal.

3. Choosey Lover

It’s not like you to choose a lover or partner because that person is good looking and great in bed if other areas of his or her life are out of control. You are very careful about what type of person you invite into your life. Being timely, clean, and courteous are critical to you. You look for good manners and the observance of proper etiquette. You have a list of preferred behaviors and criteria that your partner must meet before you consider being in a romance.

4. Need to Be Needed

You need to be needed more that you need to be loved and adored, so you’ll go out of your way to do things for your partner that make you necessary to him or her. You’ll prepare healthy meals, clean the home, care for children impeccably, making your presence valuable and irreplaceable. You show your affection by doing practical things that make your partner’s life easier and more manageable.

5. Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

You pride yourself on being neat and clean. You are well organized, efficient, and dependable. You are able to take care of many details in life and do so without breaking a sweat for the most part. You easily create systems that keep your daily life flowing with little effort.

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