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Venus in Cancer: Home is Where the Heart Is

Photograph by Getty Images/Hero Images

Venus is the planet that rules love, beauty, and art, and it rules your sense of esthetics, what you consider beautiful, your artistic abilities, and your physical attractiveness. Venus also rules one-on-one relationships, both business and personal ones. If you have Venus in Cancer in your birth chart, your love is deep, emotional, and your source of life. Here are other characteristics this aspect may present:

1. Patriotic

You are deeply patriotic and love your country. You honor those who serve in the military and find national holidays sacred. Your sense of self is derived from your home and country, and if you’re an artist, you might express yourself in ways that make your home more comfortable and safe for everyone.

2. Love Eternally

You believe in love till death do you part. Once you find your life partner, you are committed forever, and nothing can break that bond. Even if you are unhappy, you will not leave your marriage but will stick it out doing everything in your power to make the relationship work. Your devotion is consistent and unwavering.

3. Highly Emotional

You have strong feelings are and need to feel a powerful connection in order to bond with your mate. You desire to be so close that you don’t need language to communicate. You are capable of intuiting your partner’s desires and would like the same in return. You enjoy physical closeness and connection and often demonstrate affection.

4. Nurturing

You express love by nurturing your partner. You prepare meals, purchase favorite snacks, play favorite songs, and do things you know your partner will appreciate. This is a function of your love and not at all difficult for you to do. Your way of caring for your partner is very parental.

5. Conventional and Conservative

You have a tendency to be conventional in your thinking about masculine and feminine roles. If you are a man, you prefer to be the breadwinner and for your partner to be home or have a job that is historically reserved for women, such as a teacher or nurse. If you are a woman, you enjoy traditional gender roles, and are content performing old-fashioned woman’s activities without resistance.

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