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Why You Really Need to Pay Attention to Saturn!

Photograph by Getty Images/Tetra images RF

Saturn is the planet of structures and our deepest life lessons. You can be assured that wherever Saturn rests in your chart, you’ll work harder and longer in this area of your life in order to really get it right. Saturn gives nothing easily but through tests and trials you’ll gain a hard-won reward. To find where Saturn lands for you visit astro.com. If Saturn lands in Leo, you will struggle to express your creativity and you may have a difficult time in romantic affairs. Saturn rests heavily on the heart, but over many years your foundation for love will be set and all will unfold powerfully. Here are other characteristics for Saturn in Leo:

1. Your Creative Passion Is Elusive

You can feel the energy and desire surging through you but you can’t seem to get it out. Either you can’t find the time for your creative dreams or you have some type of limitation that pushes your energy down. You are a diamond in the rough, and once you find your path you will explode with something magnificent.

2. Self-Critical

You are extremely critical of yourself in the area of creative expression because you have such high standards. It’s probably likely that you keep your art work private, never allowing anyone’s eyes upon it because you don’t think it’s good enough or ready for others to appreciate it. You also fear that someone will say it’s bad, and you don’t want to risk being disappointed.

3. Pragmatic Creativity

Saturn is the planet that dictates our work, and you may work in a creative field where you support other artists and create massive projects as a team. For instance, graphic art is one way you might find to express your creative muse in a practical way that joins you with others in a collaborative environment.

4. Low Self-Esteem

Leo is the sign of self-esteem, optimism, and confidence. Saturn’s placement in Leo might create a struggle to be confident and courageous. Your work will be to find the courage to love your expressiveness, not compare yourself to others and trust your journey in its entirety.

5. Perplexed by Children

Our children are a product of ourselves, and you might struggle with your ability to parent or with being responsible for children. Your children may be your life lesson, helping you see yourself through their eyes and become more comfortable with expressing love and being open hearted.

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