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What You Need to Know About Saturn in Your Chart

Photograph by Getty Images

Saturn is the planet of structures and our deepest life lessons. You can be assured that wherever Saturn rests in your chart, you’ll work harder and longer in that area of your life in order to really get it right. Saturn gives nothing easily but through tests and trials you’ll gain a hard-won reward. If Saturn lands in Taurus in your chart, your relationship to material possessions will be somewhat difficult. Money is your cure and your poison, if you are not careful. This will be an area of life lessons for you. But if you are self-aware, you can create a unique way to generate phenomenal wealth and security. Perhaps you will become an actor, an athlete, or a musician. Here are other characteristics for Saturn in Taurus:

1. Material Things Are Your Challenge

Your greatest lessons and challenges in life are connected to your ability to earn money and find security in your life. Your income and how you earn it are connected to your sense of self and self-esteem. You likely compare yourself to others based on what you have and if it is equivalent to the things that others have. How you make your money and acquire resources are very important to you and may not come easily.

2. Painfully Self-Sufficient

You will have to work for everything you get. It’s not likely that anything will come easily for with respect to material wealth and possessions. If you ever make great financial or material gains easily, it will probably be at the expense of something else. For example, if you inherit money, the cost is the loss of someone important to you.

3. Fear of Poverty

You are very concerned to being without, maybe because you’ve been without before and it impacted you in a big way, or because you’ve seen another person go without and felt his or her pain. You probably work very hard to avoid experiencing poverty and often feel at risk or on the edge of not meeting your needs.

4. Financial Integrity

It is important that you do work that lines up with your value system. If your career does not align with your morality, you will struggle emotionally and the money you make will not be fulfilling.

5. Good Saver

One the flip side or your mentality of lack, you’re good at saving money and at building up a nice nest egg. You’re also good at making good purchasing choices—you don’t waste money on frivolous things or overspend whimsically.

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