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What Happens When the Love Planet Rules Your Chart?

Photograph by Getty Images

Venus is the planet that rules love, beauty, and art. Your sense of esthetics, what you consider beautiful, your artistic abilities, and your physical attractiveness, are all governed by Venus. Venus also controls your one-on-one relationships, both those in business and romance. To learn where Venus lands in your chart visit astro.com. If you have Venus in Pisces, you are extremely romantic and emotional. Here are other characteristics this aspect may present:

1. Imaginative

Your mind is filled with artistic and creative ideas. You see colors like no one else and possess some type of creative ability that is profoundly moving and deserving of large audiences. Your access to creative energy can also make you a little crazy, as you are capable of living between realms in ways most don’t.

2. Need Direction

Due to your high level of talent and creativity, you often need another party to help keep you focused if you’re to make your living as an artist. Someone who is more pragmatic will help you create goals, follow schedules, and meet deadlines.

3. Romantic Idealist

In romantic relationships you tend to be overly romantic and desire a partner created in your dream world. Your perfect partner exists in Disney fairytales and rarely, if ever, in reality. This characteristic makes it challenging for you to overlook your partner’s shortcomings, even though others would not be bothered by them.

4. Emotional

You are very sensitive, and you seem to be linked to your partner. This results in your wanting to intuitively share your intense feelings with him. Physical boundaries are not a real thing for you, as you can sense things about your partner regardless of whether he or she says them.

5. Forgiving and Openhearted

You are forgiving and very open to others. You desire to help those less fortunate than you and will often suspend reason in order to be of service to another person. This characteristic can make you the victim of those who might take advantage. When a lover or friend disappoints you, you are able to forgive him or her and move on like no offense has ever occurred. It’s not your way to hold grudges.

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