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Why You Long for Your Mother’s Love

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Saturn is the planet of structures and our deepest life lessons, you can be assured that wherever Saturn rests in your chart, you’ll work hard and long to develop that area of your life so that you’re comfortable with it. Saturn gives nothing easily but through test and trails you’ll gain a hard-won reward. If Saturn lands in Cancer, you will surely have a difficult home life, especially in regards to your mother, which offers you mighty challenges and lessons that will help you grow into a wise person. Here are other characteristics for Saturn in Cancer:

1. Complicated Family Life

There is no doubt that your family life is complicated at best. How you manage this will be up to you to determine as you become an adult. Maybe your family kept a secret that impacted you aversely and will cause you to reevaluate your life as your grow older. Maybe you lost a parent early and had difficult financial and emotional struggles.

2. Emotional Disconnect with Family

You likely did not receive the emotional support and nurturing you needed from your family and feel a great void with your life. You may feel abandoned or maybe some event separated you from your parents and left you with an emotional wound. Whatever the cause, you suffer a great deal because of it and work hard to overcompensate for it.

3. Difficult Mother

It is not unlikely that your mother or another parent was emotionally unavailable or very stern and kept you from expressing yourself as a child. She might not have allowed you the freedom you desired to just enjoy your childhood, and you are probably still struggling with the outcome.

4. Difficult Mother Part. 2

From what you’ve learned, you may have developed into a rigid mother to your children. You may find it parenting demanding and have a hard time accepting that. You may have become a mother very young and struggle to support your child, or you may be a single parent and unable to meet the needs of your children. Regardless of your particular circumstance, you will work very hard to be the mother you think your children deserve.

5. Real Estate or Early Childhood Education

Saturn is also related to work and this could mean that you work in real estate where you impact people’s home life. It is possible that you find a career working with children as a teacher or physician. If Saturn impacts your work, it will create many lessons and opportunities for the creation of strong foundations that go straight to who you are.

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