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Jan 20 - Feb 18

  • Element

  • quality

  • planet

  • Running House

  • Sentiments abound when it comes to your professional world. You stand on the shoulders of giants and benefit from the work that was done before you. Challenges arise when you become too attached to needing something to look a certain way due to history. Consider if you are more focused on an egoic individual desire over the greater good of a group. Questioning the status quo is healthy when you are born with a rebellious spirit. Updating traditions with a more modern spin is what you do best.
  • Your unwavering dedication to something or someone creates an electric atmosphere where occasional breakdowns are just part of the package. Your professional success squares off with how you experience partnership. It may be tempting to only focus on career matters now, but your primary relationships will suffer in the process. Missing out on making memories is not an acceptable option. The planets conspire to trigger an emotional catalyst, forcing you to devise an action plan. Reassess your commitments and then get busy strategizing to manage it all. Structure creates freedom, and within that container comes sincere joy for everyone.
  • A synergistic attitude gives you a massive advantage. People notice when you handle inevitable obligations with grace and responsibility. Your pragmatic, drama-free approach inspires others to follow your example today. Placing a high value on fair play and kindness only enhances your intimate relationships. You possess the ability to influence society on a grander scale than you can imagine. Aristotle wrote, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”
Weekly Love Horoscope

There might be a breakthrough this week when it comes to any problems you and your partner have been experiencing in the bedroom. One or both of you might have struggled with either a physical or emotional barrier that has led to a less than fulfilling sex life. If this has been your reality, there is great news! A solution will arrive this week in a medical or psychological way to help you and your lover reach the level of intimacy and sexual satisfaction you both truly crave. Wonderful!