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Jan 20 - Feb 18

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  • quality

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  • Running House

  • Your professional efforts finally bear fruit. You reach a new level of self-sufficiency that may fend off your need to procure other forms of support. Your friends are also proving to be an endless source of joy now. Comrades old and new, near and far, touch base with you. With so many people singing your praises, you could feel like the mayor of your own global village. Remember the wise words of Marshall McLuhan: “There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.”
  • A close pal illuminates a practical path forward for you that still meets your ideals. As you recount your aspirations and your desire for financial freedom, they reveal options that had not occurred to you before. Their feedback spurs your imagination to wander, and you embark on mental journeys that keep your intellect activated. When you are this fired up, you have to act, and every action is fuel for a bigger flame. From little things big things grow.
  • Distance usually makes the heart grow fonder. However, you’re longing for a lost chance or a missed connection now. Your feelings are intense and possibly rough to endure. Although time seems to move in one direction, from the past to the future, your imagination can still wander and create new opportunities for expression. Keep in mind that nostalgia adds a sentimental glow which can mislead you in the present. Marcel Proust wrote, “The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”
Weekly Love Horoscope

Your deepest erotic needs will be out in the open whether you like it or not, so if you're in a relationship then it's time to stop feeling so ashamed of them. You might have that struggle of feeling simultaneous shame and longing. If so, it's time to figure out a way to manage getting your physical needs met without worrying so much about what this says about you. Guess what it says; it says you're human! If you're in a relationship with someone you trust, then you should be able to share your desires and be able to give and receive pleasure together without worry.