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Jan 20 - Feb 18

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  • Running House

  • You’re likely to surprise yourself today and in the process, you'll rattle the cage of anyone in the near vicinity who needs a wake-up call. You are at the top of your game while the Moon is back in your sign. But Luna’s electric brush with maverick Uranus prompts you to be extra daring. Maybe you’ll lead a pack of your pals to a new hangout spot or take delight in an alluring new outfit. There’s no telling what you’ll do in the name of fun now. No risk, no reward.
  • You may be overtaken by a strong desire to pull your tribe together today, whether it’s your family, friends, work colleagues, or a larger community. Your heart yearns to see people of various stripes united for a joint goal. Yet, don’t be discouraged if your clan runs into trouble remaining unified. Keep folks focused more on a collective purpose now, rather than trying to synchronize people who might not mix well. The rough edges will likely find their own natural grooves if you don’t force the issue. Your passion to make the world a better place is contagious.
  • You are driven to increase your self-worth today. In fact, you might be determined to spend money to make money while muscular Mars stimulates your 2nd House of Resources. The key is allocating your cash with a strategic eye. Think of yourself as more of an investor, appraising whatever you purchase as something that must garner a good return on your initial outlay. The truth is you don’t need the fanciest or most expensive items when your ultimate goal is self-improvement.
Weekly Love Horoscope

Your love and social life are about to get mixed up. Mercury, the ruler of your true love sector, will turn retrograde in your friendship sector on Friday. This is all about miscommunication between you and your friends about your love lives. Not only will you feel misunderstood as you try to talk to your pals about the current status of your heart, you might also have a friend who offers misguided advice. If you just started to date someone new, you might not want to introduce him or her to your circle of friends until later next month. Until then, first impressions might be "off."