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Mar 21 - Apr 19

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  • Running House

  • The spotlight follows your career while you focus on the capital it generates for you and others. These resources do not always translate to ones you can take home. However, they are connected, and turbulence in either spells conflict and surprise. Staying ahead of the curve entails paring down on expenditures, letting something strategic go, and seeing what grows in its place. Pruning is a healthy metaphor for redirecting. Snip, snip!
  • Aggressively investing in your ultimate goals allows some imaginative opportunities to arise. Your detailed work on your ground game starts to reveal innovative avenues for revenue to accrue. Your mood improves as the fruits of your labor start to ripen. The turn for the better is a good sign. However, be careful to avoid complacency. Keep up the forward momentum; the future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.
  • Consider the legacy you are leaving as you speed through life. Your past could blindside you. You have one version of the story and someone else remembers something different. Productive clarification stands at the ready if you engage with a bit more patience than you are known for. Others provide support, while certain favors are being called back in. Conversations may get heated today if you succumb to the emotions of the moment. Thankfully, using your inspired intuition enables you to confidently navigate the stormy waters.
Weekly Love Horoscope

You might be all over the place for most of the week, doing things and not entirely knowing why you're doing them. Be careful not to make any reckless moves or decisions about your life, including your love life. Your ruler, Mars, will rub elbows with changeable Uranus on Tuesday, causing tornado-like energy in your life every which way. You might make a rash decision you later regret. After Friday you will find more common ground with a partner. Your listening skills will also improve.