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Mar 21 - Apr 19

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  • Running House

  • Efforts to clarify your position face delays or hurdles at each turn. It takes extra energy to get anything to stick in place today. It may feel as though a piece of information eludes you. Relax and let your mind wander. Oftentimes, you can stumble across a solution just when you give up your active search. In fact, what you discover might be useful in your career. If so, apply it. Businesswoman Mary Kay Ash said, “Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who implement them are priceless.”
  • You cannot see the back of your own head. As much as you might like to imagine you can do everything on your own, a counterpart makes it clear that you are quite interdependent. You can always try to escape this scenario, but taking the easy way out may deprive you of a benefit. The deeper resolution rests in considering what someone is showing you and expanding your sense of possibility. Meeting others halfway is more self-serving than you think.
  • Being the leader of the pack has its drawbacks. You prefer to interact directly with a single individual today, but you are still entangled in unfinished business within the collective. Some deadlines cannot be pushed back any further, so the partner work must wait. At the same time, your gut sends you messages that challenge some of your more optimistic projections. You need to reckon with the discrepancy between what you feel is right and what you know. The truth lies somewhere in the middle.
Weekly Love Horoscope

Is the person you're in a relationship with helping to empower you in career? While you don't need your love to be a doe-eyed cheerleader, you DO need him or her to recognize your ambition and not stand in your way as you pursue your goals. If your relationship has become a situation where you consistently feel as if you need to shrink yourself in order to power up your mate, a change is in order. If, however, your partner is always there by your side, then this week he or she might actually have the power to help you get ahead in an extraordinary way.