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Mar 21 - Apr 19

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  • Running House

  • You ignite fiery inspiration within your group of friends. You are brimming with excess energy and although you want to do something stimulating, you prefer to share your experience with others. But rather than waiting until the last minute, propose plans to your pals earlier in the day so they are more open to your suggestions later. Your charisma bodes well for any presentations you must give at work today. Some ideas just need time to take root in people’s minds. A bit of patience and persistence without too much pushiness will likely net positive results.
  • You excel at creating a strategy for improving a group’s process and organization today. Your inspiration for your ideas is certainly sensible, but what might take more time and patience is explaining your vision to others. First, you must detail what you’re seeing in your own head. Map it out however you can with words, images, or stick figures. But your thoughts gather momentum as you nurture them with your intent. Your confidence feeds your progress as you work toward a positive change for the team. Tom Peters wrote, “True leaders don’t create followers; they create more leaders.”
  • You bring a lot to the table for your friends or teammates, but it seems like you’re not receiving as much in return now. You might be feeling a mounting frustration over not getting your just desserts. You can let your tension increase until you explode today, leaving everyone rattled and confused. Or you can carefully reevaluate whether you are, indeed, being handed the short shrift of a deal. If so, be creative about negotiating, not just demanding, a solution. A velvet glove is more effective than an iron fist.
Weekly Love Horoscope

Are you ready for some major relationship healing? Good, because you are certainly about to get it. Venus turns direct right on top of your partnership sector this Friday. If you're coupled up with someone, you can look forward to collaboration and finally being on the same page in the relationship. Yes, you both want the same thing: each other! Nothing else will matter. If you're single, it's very possible that you're about to meet a true soulmate, someone you could marry. This all might sound dramatic, but it's real. That's the power of Venus turning direct in your marriage sector.