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Jun 21 - Jul 22

  • Element

  • quality

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  • Running House

  • You may surprise others today by responding to someone’s negativity with a highly effective plan. You have been through this scenario a hundred times in your mind, and you’re ready for it now that it’s actually happening. Don’t limit yourself to the two possible alternatives that everyone expects you to choose from. Jump outside the box and do something innovative. The more creative you are now, the better your chances for success.
  • You are a wealth magnet today, but you could end up spending more money than you attract. If you truly believe you can write yourself a blank check, the cash may magically appear, enabling you to cover an extravagant purchase. But don’t push your luck too far or you might find yourself with a financial promise you can’t keep, a high level of disappointment or an expensive item you don’t even want. Greek philosopher Epictetus wrote, “Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.”
  • You might not be able to avoid revisiting a complex relationship issue involving shared property today. However, you may need to temporarily remove yourself from the drama to regain control of the situation. Unfortunately, your current lack of confidence could interfere with your progress, especially if you try to be logical when making decisions. Instead, trusting your intuition will guide you to success while action-oriented Mars backpedals in your 8th House of Regeneration. Profound changes are unfolding, even if you can’t yet visualize the end point of this metamorphosis. True transformation takes time.
Weekly Love Horoscope

You might start out the week feeling as if you're being completely listened to and respected by your mate ... only to realize that you've actually been manipulated the entire time. As an example, your partner might only be making you think he or she agrees with you about a situation just to keep the peace. Ultimately, once you realize this has happened, it's likely to cause an argument. At worst, if you and your partner have been going through a rough patch and are in counseling, your mate could act one way with the therapist and another way entirely when he or she is alone with you. That would be a red flag you wouldn't want to ignore.