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Jun 21 - Jul 22

  • Element

  • quality

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  • Running House

  • Impulsive intimacy can animate as well as backfire. The excitement is all too real. A delicate balance must be struck. Arousing an intense union may drain you. Your quirky set of friends knows this and might try to intercede today, which could tip the scales. The truth is, they are looking out for you, and only want to see you enter into commitments that actually serve you. Ask your new counterpart what they are willing to do for your happiness and listen closely to what isn’t said. Trust but verify.
  • A wave of enthusiasm incites an impressive bout of indulgence. And nothing is stopping you now. Your other social connections are remixing themselves in novel ways. Your network is uncontainable at the moment. This energetic flux ushers in new contacts you never expected to cross your path. Nevertheless, you are still more concerned with a special someone than keeping track of social shifts. The trick is getting to the very bottom of this surge of passion without upsetting the status quo.
  • Turn tangles and struggles into features not bugs. Engagement with other people eventually reveals everything, warts and all. There is magic in this weirdness. Establish an appropriate boundary and proceed to flex productive muscle toward your common goals. Your mind is more luminous than it has been in a while. Anything you say today will be heard with amplification. You have given your message a great deal of thought, so share what is on your mind without further reservation.
Weekly Love Horoscope

You and your partner are finally going to be able to agree on domestic matters. If you're already living with your mate, then the two of you might be making a decision about your home related to decorating or even connected to a move or purchase/sale of real estate. If you've been dating someone for a while, this might be a week when the two of you start discussing possible future plans to live together. If you're going through a rough spot in your love life, ask one of your relatives for advice. They'll give you wise counsel.