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Jun 21 - Jul 22

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  • Running House

  • Your professional world may be a source of uncomfortable stress today and you believe sharing your insights will help. But the origin of your facts or the circumstances surrounding them encourages you to reserve your judgment until a later time. Nevertheless, starting a conversation with your superiors can eventually lead to a better understanding on all sides while Mercury retrogrades in your 10th House of Career. Stick to your truth but leave room to change your mind. Journalist Robert Quillen wrote, “Discussion is an exchange of knowledge; an argument an exchange of ignorance.”
  • You could be painfully aware of the conflict between your desire for personal expression and the pressure you feel from your career responsibilities. You don’t like being rushed along too quickly; instead, you want to dig in your heels and tell everyone to leave you alone today. Asking for what you want doesn’t necessarily mean you will be satisfied. However, you might not be able to stop yourself from demanding more, even if this kind of assertive behavior isn’t your usual style. Make a quick retreat to regain your emotional security if you say more than you intend. Cicero wrote, “Silence is one of the great arts of conversation.”
  • You might be a reluctant participant today, but you hesitantly step up and join the fun anyhow. The reflective Moon’s current visit to sensitive Cancer urges you to fly beneath the radar so you can deflect anyone else’s negativity. However, you no longer need to hide once you shift your emotional frame of reference from fear to love. But changing your attitude won’t fix everything by itself. You must also search for the subtle messages that lurk behind your frustration. Rapper Drew Chadwick said, “A soul living in tune with its internal purpose is bound to create utter magic.”
Weekly Love Horoscope

Tension is mounting between you and your partner, and this week it might all come to a head. It seems as though your love is having a serious control issue when it comes to you. He or she might feel threatened about a current professional opportunity that you've decided to explore -- especially if it leaves less time for you to focus on your relationship. If your partner makes any unkind remarks to you about your personal goals, then it'll be time to call him or her out on it. Don't allow yourself to be manipulated simply because your lover is feeling insecure. You'll only resent it, and eventually it could erode your relationship.