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Jun 21 - Jul 22

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  • Running House

  • A conflict between unresolved feelings from your past and important demands of the present can hijack your day. Naturally, you expect your attention would immediately snap to address the issues of the current moment. Yet, it’s likely hard to shake being in a sentimental funk. You’re possibly missing an unconscious connection between before and now. Chances are you can push through any wall of procrastination once you allow your nostalgic feelings to surface without resistance or fear. The shock of spotting the missing link will prompt you to take clear and swift action.
  • You may find a precious gem in the unlikeliest of places today. You might score a fabulous outfit at a thrift store or discover a rare record in the discount album bin. In any case, an abstract idea that once seemed preposterous takes shape now. The spirited sextile between the quirky Aquarius Moon and quick Mercury reminds you that another person’s trash is your treasure. Suspending your suspicions opens exciting doors of opportunity. Magic can be found wherever you look.
  • You may feel an extra-strong connection today to people who share your ideals and beliefs. You are eager to demonstrate a commitment to your principles by donating your time or money. If you put your energy into the cause, you might find the bonding experience extremely rewarding. However, your new alliance with others could highlight your previous loneliness. Thankfully, your sense of isolation can be overcome by seizing this moment to do even more to put your values into action. Fighting for what you believe in draws you into a community of like-minded friends.
Weekly Love Horoscope

Domestic peace and harmony will be restored for you this week, so if you and your partner have been at odds over a family issue, it will finally get rectified. This might be a petty disagreement about your household budget or it might be about a deeper family matter. Whatever the details, you'll finally be able to meet in the middle and figure it out. Peace being restored at home is certainly music to your ears! If you're single, it's possible that a family member will introduce you to someone you actually see as relationship material. Explore!