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Jun 21 - Jul 22

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  • Communication can be so tricky. You enunciate clearly, and yet your message still seems to come across garbled today. The issue may simply be rooted in the lack of a bridge between you and the audience you are trying to reach. When people with two different mother tongues try to find common ground, words might not land the way you each expect. When you speak of higher-level concepts -- like freedom or love -- all interpretations are meaningful. Nevertheless, be explicit as possible to get your point across.
  • You hone in on your home, seeking harmony and refreshing your nest. However, you may be pinched out of this domestic dream today with a reminder of duties unresolved in your wider world of work. The day does not seem long enough for all that is being asked of you. Thankfully, approaching your responsibilities like an intrepid adventurer minimizes the repetitive strain. Confucius said, “Happiness is not at the top of the mountain, but in how to climb.”
  • You converse with nearly anyone today and yet guard your heart fiercely. Your current gregariousness might lead some people into thinking they are closer to you than they really are. If you keep yourself closed off, you cannot genuinely connect. A small tear starts to form in the sieve you wield when you relate to others. Someone you would normally filter out gets past your defenses before you can put up a fight. Ironically, being vulnerable exhibits genuine strength, not weakness.
Weekly Love Horoscope

The level of commitment you have for your partner is admirable, but this week you might also feel as if you're about to crumble underneath its weight. If your mate is relying on you for more than you can handle at the moment, it might be time to even out the scale. It's possible that you're going through a rough patch of your own right now, and if so, you would really like to see your mate take more control of things in order to lessen your burden. You might need to have an honest discussion about this. It's time to level the playing field.