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Dec 22 - Jan 19

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  • Running House

  • Hopefully, you can resist your impulse to call it quits today, even if you’re frustrated with the speed of progress. Although your ambitious plan has merit, you are slipping further from your worldly goals now that the Sun is traveling through your 4th House of Home and Family. Thankfully, you still can accomplish everything you set out for in the beginning; it’s just going to take more time than you thought. Norman Vincent Peale wrote, “It’s always too soon to quit.”
  • You possess the superpower of being able to manipulate time to your advantage today. You can slow down reality in your mind, allowing you a longer stretch between experiencing an event and responding to it. Others have no inclination that anything is abnormal now. They only see you as cool, calm and composed, even in a stressful situation. Of course, you’re not breaking any laws of physics; it’s just that the tempo of life is subjective, and your altered mental state adds extra space between each second. Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi said, “The more relaxed you can get, the better you’ll do.”
  • You may be communicating with people you know from your past, attempting to reestablish a relationship with an old friend or an estranged family member. Mercury retrogrades through your 4th House of Roots, urging you to look backward and dig deeper when it comes to emotional expression. You are driven to solidify interpersonal connections now, but you could run into resistance from circumstances you can’t control. Someone else’s heart might not be on the same track as yours, which motivates you to try even harder. Author Ken Poirot quipped, “I gave up many times but I never quit.”
Weekly Love Horoscope

There might be some trouble in paradise this week between you and your mate. Arguments over family matters are likely, and the more you try to take control of the situation, the more it'll just blow up in your face. This won't be the time to give ultimatums to your partner about anything having to do with your domestic life. Let's say, for example, that you want to move to another town or even state, and your partner doesn't want to budge. If you push the issue now, you'll only cause further dissension as a couple. After April 15 you might be able to come to an agreement, but for now, it's impossible.