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Dec 22 - Jan 19

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  • Running House

  • Enjoying yourself costs money. It’s as if everyone is conjuring up a million ways to part you from your cash when you are on vacation. The line between the payoff and a definite regret is quite thin, and you have patience on back order. Take a deep breath. You are a master of inventing solutions to complex problems -- like how to have fun without bankrupting your empire. Think and act outside the box, and you will startle yourself into the very pleasure you seek.
  • A hit-or-miss gamble catapults you into a foreign realm. Your mind spins off into unexplored territory today. Your colleagues may also step in to support your recent efforts to increase your income. Some of them might start to work for you, providing mirth as well as manpower. Allow others to express their ideas for improving your systems. Thankfully, your coworkers have their fingers on the pulse of something you need to harness. Delegation is not giving up control when you are executing expert leadership.
  • Your defiant streak endears your friends to you today. They show you a certain kindness that helps you appreciate your unique brand of creativity. Your innate formality relaxes into a fruitful interplay with your imagination now. The tension between the past and the future exists in your mind, and you are set on redefining the attainable. You are preoccupied with this future-building enterprise. Make the impossible possible.
Weekly Love Horoscope

Your love life has been anything but boring these last few months, Capricorn. If single, more than one romantic prospect has likely burst on the scene leaving you feeling breathless. If attached, it's possible that either you or your sweetheart is feeling friskier than ever lately, or the thought of straying from your relationship has crossed your mind. This week, you might make a very impulsive decision about your love life that ultimately costs you quite a bit of self-respect. Be careful!