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Dec 22 - Jan 19

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  • Running House

  • You appear competent today as if you’re in complete control of your environment. However, your heart may not be in your work now, and upon closer examination others might see you wistfully gazing off into the distance. Nevertheless, rational Mercury’s dynamic square to your key planet Saturn requires you to limit your sphere of activity until you accomplish your assigned tasks. Author Simon Sinek wrote, “Responsibility is not doing as we are told, that's obedience. Responsibility is doing what is right.”
  • Spiritual breakthroughs can be surprising, awe-inspiring and tricky to manage. Nevertheless, expanding your world view may be more hard work than you signed up for now. Ironically, recognition for your practical contributions might catch you off guard because you didn’t expect to garner so much attention. Musician Brian Eno said, “I felt extremely uncomfortable as the focal point, in the spotlight. I really like the behind-the-scenes role, because all my freedom is there.”
  • The ladder of success appears to be your friend now, as the way up seems to be an easy climb without obstruction. You are making steady progress and can quickly ascend to the top if you’re willing to take a calculated leap of faith. Although unexpected changes will likely work out in your favor, don’t push your luck. If you become overly confident today, obstacles may suddenly materialize in your path. Humility is your secret weapon.
Weekly Love Horoscope

Although deep, intimate sexuality is typically a private matter, this week you're determined to open up and let your partner know exactly what turns you on the most. The good news? He or she will happily reciprocate your openness. As a result, the two of you may find yourselves experimenting with all sorts of fun romantic potential. This can be anything from sex toys and other gadgets to role playing -- or even something a little more taboo. Hey, as long as you both have a safe word, let the games begin!