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Dec 22 - Jan 19

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  • Running House

  • New connections have you brimming with excitement about future ventures, but there’s little direction to any of it. Ideas are plentiful, but establishing a focused goal seems unlikely now. Be enthusiastic but reserved in your response so you don’t overcommit to something that may never bear fruit. Restlessness can be beneficial if it prompts you to blaze a new trail, but there are too many unknown variables today. Write down all your flashes of insight and let them marinate for a while before choosing your course of action. Do not confuse the voice of ego with that of intuition.
  • Discerning between a powerful connection and an emotional vampire is mandatory today. A distinct longing to be an integral part of a group is healthy; being overly reactive to other peoples’ actions or inaction is not. Socializing may even be seen as productive now, but hanging out just for the sake of not being alone might come back to haunt you. Too much social immersion can result in the dissolving of your standards. Indulge only your most meaningful connections for the best results. Remember your strong traits and find those who reflect your highest self.
  • Try some new ideas on for size. A mystical element is calling you beyond the mundane and the familiar. Explore stimulating avenues of self-nurturance by finding the beauty in abstract art, spiritual modalities, and cultural traditions. Groups benefit you not only monetarily but intellectually and emotionally now, because the gift of true friendship is part of the package. Adopting a global outlook almost guarantees personal growth.
Weekly Love Horoscope

You can look forward to an intense but extremely gratifying week in matters of the heart. A Solar Eclipse last week landed in your partnership sector, prompting you and your partner to honestly evaluate the power dynamics between the two of you. It's probably no surprise that you have tried to be in control as much as possible in the past, but now your partner is speaking up about this and wants to even the playing field. You'll realize that if you are willing to let go of control, you truly can have it all. You've come far!