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Dec 22 - Jan 19

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  • Running House

  • Your imagination revels in riches now. You visualize impossible worlds with such alacrity, your friends and family may no longer recognize you. Funneling these images and stories out of your head and onto paper or other media proves difficult at best. If only people could read your mind today, you might be spared the work of translating what you conjure mentally into a form others can appreciate. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks; you are the star of your dreams.
  • The public eye turns back to you. You are concerned with maintaining your standing in the community and wish to tend to the various relationships that allow you to excel at your work. Unfortunately, a minor scuffle with a family member could compete with your outward focus. Neighbors or an acquaintance or two might also briefly request your attention. You may feel the strain to perform for all these individuals, and yet are unfazed by the expectations. Ernest Hemingway wrote, “Courage is grace under pressure.”
  • Your private life deviates from your social identity in ways obvious to you today. You are upholding your public status while you work through important changes in your concept of self. You may not be ready to incorporate these new aspects of your being into what the general population knows about you. As you plumb your own depths and polish your persona, you gracefully navigate the world at large. Your iconoclastic side is bursting to emerge. Ultimately, your competence speaks for itself.
Weekly Love Horoscope

You've got plenty of game, Capricorn. In fact, you'll be hard to resist by anyone's standards of desirability. You'll give off a lusty, sexy vibe without even realizing it. You might also do this in a coy, guarded way where you present yourself in such a cool, calm, and collected manner that it'll be difficult for your love interest to know whether or not you reciprocate the attraction. You do. In fact, you want this person so bad that you secretly want to jump his or her bones. But you won't. Why? Cause you've got class.